Bayou, Kildares, and some mindless thoughts

Ck4 and I went to the Bayou yesterday for their 10 cent wings. They had a message on the table that said we will be adding 18% gratuity on every bill which is actually a loss to them because we would tip more. After thinking about why they are putting that message on their tables I came to the conclusion, people are cheapskates. I can already imagine people coming in, ordering water and then buying dozens and dozens of wings and leaving no tip. I think it’s pathetic to be completely honest. They are already giving away their wings to try to draw crowds on a Monday and Tuesday, the least you can do is be appreciative and leave them a generous tip or buy some beers. I find the wings to be borderline horrible by the way and think they are worth about 10 cents. I’ve found one or two that was literally just the bone. After that we met with Jess and Meghan at Kildare’s for some trivia. My biggest problem with Kildare’s trivia is that it’s cumulative. Meaning that if you miss round one, you shouldn’t bother playing because you can’t win over the course of 5 rounds. The way Fireside does it round by round is much better. Jess was pretty good at words that start and end in L but I have to look at her funny when she thinks I should know the name of the cult of Charles Manson followers. She was doing the Ck4 catch-phrase action of “cmon, cmon” you can think of it. How could she have any idea my knowledge on serial killers and their cults? I also think it’s funny I can offend people by telling them I’m not a Phillie’s fan. If there was a team in baseball and there was a gun to my head, I’d say I like the Phillies out of the other MLB teams but here’s the thing, I don’t like baseball. I find the sport slow, boring, and uneventful and therefore have no interest. I’ll go to games from time to time but it’s just for the experience and not because I care about the team. I personally feel that way about all professional sports.

A few things that I’m just going to write about real quick because people have one way of looking at things and I have another.

  • On Sunday when they told us we couldn’t play golf because of the lightning, CK4 said he wouldn’t chance it. I would have chanced a lightning strike. Unless I could physically see the bolts coming down in my vicinity, I think the probability of getting struck is slim. I’m a real bad ass I know.
  • When Bud was driving to golf he said he wouldn’t change lanes in the middle of an intersection and I would definitely do it. Unless a cop was in the intersection, I disregard that law.
  • I also disregard straight and dashed lines. I see no reason why I can’t switch lanes because a line is straight or dashed. An example is tunnel driving where they have straight lines. If someone is going slow through the tunnel I shouldn’t be forced to drive behind them because the way a line is painting. It’s a big picture thing of viewing authority.
  • Also it bothers me when a traffic light goes from red to green and the first person just takes their good ole time getting through the light. I get it buddy, you are going to make it through the light no matter what but what about the 10 people behind you, show some common courtesy.
  • I also had a bum ask me for a sandwich?!? at D&D and I was like “no.” I gave him a buck instead because I wasn’t going through the process of asking what sandwich he wanted and it would have totaled more then a dollar anyhow.