New/Old Theme

I’ve gone back to this theme with the hope of signaling a change of shitty posts. My post count in May is way down from prior months and I guess I shouldn’t really be too surprised that my readership has been decreasing with my lack of updates. I think I’ve come up with a fairly decent idea to actually give this blog some sort of a theme. I’m going to be focusing on a new products blog where I’ll come up with some ideas for new inventions or things I would like to see on the market or at least something that I think will sell. These ideas may be outlandish and impractical but I think I have a mind for this and maybe some people will find it interesting. I just needed to have some direction because I had fallen off the path a bit and wasn’t able to put together good posts anymore. I’ll still provide updates to things in my life but hopefully only things of interest.

One thing of interest actually did happen last night though. I got home from work and went on my 12 mile Kelly Drive run. I hadn’t done this run in exactly one month and I knew I’d been slacking since my broad street debacle. I was just hoping to finish it without caring much for the time. I ended up doing it 4 minutes slower than my fastest time ever and the time was reflective of where I was at the end of March. Slacking for 3 weeks put me back about 3 weeks in training. Not to mention that when your out of shape and trying to finish runs like that, it’s torture. I’m really feeling it today but hopefully I can use that as a spring board for staying in shape over the summer. I know that wasn’t interesting but now for the interesting part.

The wagon and I go to the Bayou to get some wings. They have like .20 wings and 1.75 beers so it’s a pretty good deal. In walks this girl who is with a guy and she seems oddly familiar to me. They sit at the bar which is about 5 feet from the table we are at. I still can’t place the girl and then I hear her talk and it hits me, she’s the girl that I picked up and came over to our APT after Riverpalooza. I couldn’t confirm it was her but I told Chad that I thought it was. I bbm’d him the phone number and after a couple minutes he calls the number to see if she picks up. What do you know, she looks down at her phone and says to the guy “if it’s important, they’ll leave a message.” So we are trying our best not to crack up and there are mirrors all around so she’d definitely notice if we did. Plus I’m sure she could recognize me, if I was able to place her. Chad was also smart enough to put the phone on silent in case she called back. So next thing I know Chad brings the phone out and shows me that we are still on the phone call because he never hit end. Meaning we are leaving a message with all the background noise of the Bayou hoping that she doesn’t her us talking about what just happened. At this point I’m just finding the whole thing funny but I think the fact that neither Chad or I could believe was that this girl was a legitimate good looking girl. The night I found her is kind of fuzzy in itself so I was pretty surprised to see this girl in real time and not drunk time. We ended up leaving without saying anything, but I did get her number many weeks ago and had not had any means of communication due to the uncertainty, so I think that was kind of expected when she’s there with another guy. To wrap up the night, while we were back at the APT she ends up calling the number that called her. Not once, not twice, but 5 fucking times. Stage 5 Clinger perhaps?