Top 5 I’m So Tired of in 2011

5. Kim Kardashian – We know you have a smoking body, a great rack, and a slamming booty but the public is tired of you for only being a pretty and proving to the world you have no intelligence or compassion. The whole Kris Humphries wedding ordeal lasting a month should be a taste of what goes through the mind of Kim Kardashian. The fact that she influences this nation in any degree is sad. Your TV show is played out and its about time your no talent self fades into the abyss.

4. Zach Galifianakis – I don’t dislike Zach. I actually found him very likable in Out Cold and the Hangover. Problem is that he became typecast as the eccentric, add some humor type character to every movie. I don’t see him breaking out of this role and I have a feeling his time will pass. However, I’m sure he’ll prove me wrong.

3.IPhone – How many Iphones are there going to be? When are people finally going to come to their senses that Apple makes a few improvements, tacks on a new number and the myriads of nerds start freaking out to get the newest gizmo. I really hope this trend ends.

2. Chaz Bono – You shouldn’t be famous for having a sex change. It’s bizarre and something that shouldn’t be in the limelight as much as it is. This guy/girl is an attention wanting whore who needs to disappear.

1. Barack Obama – I’m not a political person but I pray to god we don’t get 4 more years of Obama. Housing will be terrible till 2013 with no clear end in sight. Unemployment continues to thrive. His main attribute during his term is bailing out corporations who basically sank themselves by being greedy. This President throws so much money into the Gov’t and then can’t answer where the money actually goes that I can’t trust him to make any correct decisions. The idea that the Gov’t will pull us out of this mess is the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever heard. They are just as corrupt as the rest of them. Barack, you earn my #1 spot for I hope I don’t have to hear about your mess in 2011.