Full Circle

I haven’t had a post since Friday so I guess I’ll take a minute or two and write down what’s been going on. Ck4 and I met up with the Shee on Friday night to see Mr. Greengene’s who had a less than anticipated crowd. Saturday, Bake, Chad and I went to Jess and Meghan’s party which turned out fine. I’ll spare the minor details. On Sunday, Bake and I went down to AC to meet up with Weller, Gusto and a few others and I managed to lose a good sum of money at a 1-2 poker table. Fortunately I was up $500 bucks in sports betting which offset some of my losses. I once again will spare the details but let’s just say the table thought I was obnoxious and the worst player on the planted. I was literally playing every hand with a raise and I have my fair share of faux pas’s.

Yesterday I need Joe Webb to go for 9+ points if Jkash didn’t play Gerhardt but he did and I ended up losing by 3 points. I won the other 3 games though and moved into the Championship next week. Evan’s league will pay me 275 and that doesn’t even include the bet I had with Hafer saying I would score more points than him. I won my game in Steve’s league by .1 and get to play Sam L who badly needs to lose a game which would pay me 200. I think I had the best team in Bud’s league and have put up solid weeks consistently and hope to win that one as well. All in all a good fantasy season.

I received a bizarre text message from Hafer asking me why I don’t have bar soap and it’s for this exact reason. l don’t care if people use my shower but bar soap grosses me out if multiple people get their hands on it. I just like the gel because it’s fresh from the bottle and I don’t have to worry about it being bacteria ridden. Sure people will the make the case that soap is bacteria free but people’s hair gets all stuck in it and I just don’t like the idea.

Works been slow and people are prepping for the holidays. I’ve done my shopping and actually feel pretty lousy but I’m hoping I will feel better in the next couple days. I have some stories from the past couple weeks but I’ll save them for another time. Not my best entry, I’m aware.