Hard to say

I think I’m going to stop writing about what I do so much and more about what I think. I just don’t think I’m doing anything that extraordinary that anyone really cares. I could write about my golf round of 104 or my bar experiences but there’s just not much different from the usual.

What I do want to write about is conversing. When you are out socializing with people, it’s imperative to not be a stick and the mud and make attempt to bring something to the table. Conversations work when two people are involved. There’s something important that I think people seem to miss fairly often. If I’m talking to you and I ask you a question, I think you should answer the question and then add something else to the conversation. For example, “Are you going to so and so…?” “Yes, I am. I’m leaving on this date and going with this person.” It’s not that complicated but I find ineptitude from people who like stopping conversations with short answers. I like to ask questions but if I can’t get answers to keep me asking questions, then shit stops. I also don’t like when people talk too much about themselves, but this is far better than trying to pry information out of the person. What’s been happening recently to me is that my question asking is getting me in trouble because I have a couple of key topics I like to hit on but if I’ve seen the person before there’s a good chance I already asked them those questions but I don’t remember doing it, then I look like the retard. This happens plenty of times that at this point I don’t even get embarrassed. I asked some girl her name and she was like “i’ve been over your apt multiple times and met you on all those occasions.” I guess you’re not a keeper…

My plan of attack is pretty simple really for random girl strangers. First I give them a compliment on their hair or eyes or the one wagon said I used “I think you look really pretty.” Then I ask them where they are from. Then I ask what they like to do. The last question sometimes stymies people because some people have no clue what they like to do and I catch them completely off guard. Generally these conversations will last a few minutes before I run out of things to say or I get tired of working the conversation. What never happens though, is girls never ask what I do. Seriously, it’s like their world and they could care less about yours.

I actually think I’ve been doing a good job working some game recently but I am just clueless on how to advance anything. Conversation isn’t the problem for me anymore where I think I faltered in earlier years. I can talk to girls fine and I get the feeling that they like me back (sometimes) but my ability to ask for numbers or make something happen is just not there. I think I just get distracted or bored. Jkash and I were discussing that if you go up to a girl and she’s dancing with you and everything is going fine, that it should take no longer than one song for her to make up her mind if she’d sleep with you or not. I can’t be dancing the night away with some girl who at the end of the night her friend is going to pull her away. They should really make it easier on everyone where they have rooms for people who are looking to get some and then rooms for boyfriends and girlfriends where it’s not worth wasting time. Separate rooms for people not looking to have fun should be included as well.

I am by no means the standard for socializing at the bar. I over think everything and am generally too drunk to function anyhow. I still find it better than staying in and doing something normal like watching a movie or playing a game. I think this summer has a lot of potential for creeping. My roommates are gone for the weekend so if girls want to line up and schedule 30 minute time slots, I will be happy to be like Tiger Woods.