There is No I in Team

In direct response to Sam’s Post, I decided to have a little fun writing this one. After reading his post I initially thought I was being insulted. I thought this because the post he was referencing was actually terrible and took me all of 5 minutes that I shat out at work just because I didn’t want people to think I don’t update my blog frequently. I have a few thoughts though on his comments that I’m happy to share with my plethora of readers (writing is difficult because people who know me would know I’m using the word plethora sarcastically but that cannot be known unless I italicized it (which doesn’t make sense for sarcastic writing) and then you would probably just be more confused)(but probably less confused though if I eliminated these double brackets).

I’ll agree that usually something has to happen to be able to maintain a blog. You constantly have to be thinking about things during your day that could make for entertaining fodder. So I don’t really feel the word inspired is as proper as the willingness to keep a blog. His last line of “Something tells me that he as well as I realize that a couple hundred people viewing your blog in a day, while harder than you would think (and more than I can muster), is nothing earth shattering” I also don’t really agree with. We can’t explain why Google sends people to our blog. Why my website comes up higher in the search engines now then previous on certain keywords is all part of their algorithm. My personal opinion is that the more times certain keywords appear in posts, the higher they rank you. This all ties in with Google+ and Facebook and all other relevant content. So to get to this point (where some keywords actually hit) has taking years of work and although Earth shattering might not be right, it is still somewhat of achievement because I assure you most people would have given up a long time ago. If you told someone to spend hours and hours for 2 years of their life and get 0 out of it, I’m fairly certain there wouldn’t be many takers. So my point is that eventually we might see the fruits of our labor.

My final thought on Sam’s post is that I agree 100% with initial success leads to motivation. Success of any sorts makes you want to improve. The blogs are improving and I’m sure if people were willing to give feedback, they’d say the same. Noticing how Sam is hyperlinking some keywords is bright because that strengthens the pages. Our themes are better and without ads the sites look clean. This post and the simple interaction between two websites makes people more aware of the two sites which is helpful. If we could only find more sites to link to and us to them, we’d be in business but our readers offer no help. I don’t even care anymore though because if we don’t get any help we just do it ourselves. Sam and I spent some time together over this break and I give him major credit in many regards. Not his ping pong prowess (except against the Shee) or his BBall skills but most importantly that we can get along and have a family friendship. I can’t really see us ever getting into major disagreements and we genuinely like each other (only speaking for myself here). It’s nice dealing with someone who I don’t have to worry about pissing off with any small bs. It’s easy to work together with someone like that and who knows where these stupid websites may go. I honestly wonder how many people sit there and read this entire post. Sure 300 people may visit my blog on a day to day but how many people read this and actually care? A handful is my guess. How to turn it into relevant, high end content that people want to read is the next step. I go through phases of disgust with this project but quitting and leaving baby bro hanging is something I’m not willing to do.

PS – Sam you owe me 35 dollars for the hosting of Bansheeman7. It’s a shame you didn’t pick a better domain name than that. Not that rnningfool is any gem but at least I think it might fit my personality whereas I didn’t know when you became practicing the rituals of a banshee. And a mann. With 2 m’s no less.