Ck4 and I went to see B.O.B last night at Mad River. It was a $20 dollar cover charge and we got there at 8:30. They had $.99 coors lights til 11 so that made up for the expensive cover. I probably had like 10 cheap drafts and it was pretty empty til 11 or so. People started to fill in and B.O.B arrived at 11:30. Lauren was getting me relatively cheap drinks and I think I had only one Mind Eraser. I did a video blog last night so that can probably shed some light on exactly what happened but there was this one freak girl who was pretty hot but was dancing like a whore and she was my initial girl to go after. However, there was a change of plans and I started dancing with her friend. In hindsight, I should have just made a move with this girl because as I think back, she was pretty much perfect. She couldn’t have weighed more than 100 lbs and I remember putting my arms around her waist and just thinking I could lift her above my head if I wanted. I pretty much grinded on her backside for a half hour or so and she was dancing like a freak so everything was going fine but then her friend is by herself and things just dissipated. I ended up leaving shortly after due to this little problem that I had to work the next day but I can’t forget the hotness of this girl. I have to blame my inability to close the deal on this one but she was probably a college girl and if I would have stayed out til 2, I would still be in bed right now. B.O.B was moderately exciting and had a huge entourage but it made for a decent show and a reason to go out on a Tuesday.