AWOLNation @ House of Blues


This was one of the better weekends I’ve had in a while. On Friday I headed to the suburbs and watched the tourney games with some friends. My brackets are still up in the air which is good because I did a pretty shitty job of picking the first round games. I turned in early on Friday because Saturday was an Awolnation concert in AC that Jeff had purchased tickets to a while back. Evan and I left at around 10 am on Sat morning and got to AC in 1 hour and 4 minutes. We stayed at the Showboat because that was where the concert took place.

Jeff arrived at around noon and we settled in for a poker session at the Taj. I played pretty terribly and ended up dropping a hundred bucks in the 2 or so hours. We then decided to get some food and play some blackjack which only had one interesting tidbit. About midway through the first shoe I didn’t double down on a A3 vs a dealer 5 and the results were not good. I ended up taking too many cards, one of which would have been the dealer break card and this guy who probably had 400 bucks on 2 hands was none to pleased. He basically said, “you fucked it up, that shoe was pretty good and you fucked it up.” That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the shoe and it didn’t go well. He actually ended up leaving after that hand which was the smart/right thing to do. After that beating we checked into the room. We played some Pai Gow while we were waiting for a few of Jeff’s friends to arrive and that was pretty fun. Once Pat, Mael, and Steve got there, the concert wasn’t far off.

Blondfire and some other band opened for Awol and we only got to see the end of Blondfire. Awol came on time and pretty much blew the crowd away. If you go to an Awol concert and sit in the balcony, you aren’t getting the full experience. The scene was great with people crowd surfing and just generally going nuts. Probably the most fun 1.5 hours I’ve spent in a long time. After Awol we chilled at the Showboat and then headed to a Revel club. We waited for a half hour and then decided to not pay the 30 dollar cover charge which didn’t make a ton of sense. While hanging around we bumped into these two smoking chicks who wanted to go to the strip club so Pat, Jeff and myself did so and Jeff paid a cover charge and left 2 minutes after. We hung there for a while getting nowhere with the two chicks we came with and left at lord knows what time. We then met back up with Jeff and Mael and played blackjack till 6:30 in the morning. It was a pretty long night and I was completely beat at the end.

I’m still feeling the effects today as I did virtually nothing yesterday. It was definitely a fun time though and something out of the ordinary. My wallet is a bit slimmer but that’s going to happen sometimes.