The Wrestler

Even though this has been out for a while, I don’t get around to watching movies when they first come out.  I like watching movies that critics put in high regard because I like to disagree with them.

This movie was god awful.  I really thought it was a piece of poop.  Not a small piece but a giant stinking turd.  Mickey Rourke is hideous.  The plot was pointless.  I don’t understand the praise behind the movie.  I can’t even find things to write about it because literally nothing happened the entire movie.  I could sum it up in one sentence and you would have saved yourself two boring hours.  Over the hill man wrestles, gets a heart attack, ruins bad relationship with his daughter, wants Marisa Tomei, realizes his life sucks, dies in the ring.  It didn’t say if he really dies but who really cares anyway.  The best part about it was Marisa Tomei showing her tits.  I’m am just really baffled people think this was a good movie.