Beck Bennett says It’s Not Complicated


If you follow the NCAA BBall Tournament or watch TV in general, you’ve probably seen the AT&T “It’s Not Complicated” commercials featuring Beck Bennett and little kids. Beck provides deadpan responses to the kids usually run on answers to simple questions. I don’t think every commercial hits gold but there are a few that I personally like which I’ll note below. With these commercials populating as the best commercials airing, I was curious who the hell the guy in them was. With the help of Google I cam across his name being Beck Bennett, 28. This article from the Chicago Tribune was the most inside look into who he is. He’s an actor who hit stardom with these commercials and he’s had moderate success with his Youtube videos. I watched some of this other videos and they are pretty hit or miss. The one below is a spin off of talking to little kids and it’s has some appeal but 30 seconds of talking to little kids is about the right length and this is overkill. I actually wasn’t that fond of these commercials at first but they grew on me. I don’t think the ones with the retired NBA players are as funny.

Fresh Perspectives – American Debt

More – My personal favorite. If you really like it, you want more! Makes perfect sense. It can be used to describe tons of situations. Plus her first line of “if there’s more less stuff… than you might…. have some more???

WereWolf – How this girl can take her first sentence into her last is remarkable.

Candy Island – What about the animals?