What’s Wrong With America

America cares about scandal and controversy more than it cares about its sports. With Manti T’eo’s imaginary girlfriend, Lance’s years of being a dope, and the fabulous timing of Crabtree’s sexual assault, we worry more about the 3 ring circus acts than the actual games and events. It’s not that I don’t think the stories are important because the truth needs to be told. We just get distracted with all the extra-curricular activities that it detracts from the sports. Plus people, the media, benefit so much from these outrageous stories that they start looking for them and creating them. It’s sick.

Let’s just look at each example briefly. The hoax created on Manti T’eo is what I’d call taking a prank too far. Unless of course he was in on it. “The sheer quantity of falsehoods about Manti’s relationship with Lennay makes that friend, and another relative of Ronaiah’s, believe Te’o had to know the truth. Mostly, though, the friend simply couldn’t believe that Te’o would be stupid enough—or Ronaiah Tuiasosopo clever enough—to sustain the relationship for nearly a year.” I can’t even follow all of the twisted aspects of this case but I’ll tell you the absolute truth, I couldn’t give a shit about it. Waste of time on all accounts. #teoisanidiot

Lance Armstrong is easily one of the biggest lies of the century. How he adamantly denied the use of performance enhancing drugs for all those years makes him perhaps the biggest asshole next to Barry Bonds. I think it’s fine that he came out and admitted to all the cheating because he probably couldn’t live with himself. It’s lifting a burden off that Barry is just strong enough to live with. My favorite part about Lance is that the United States doesn’t even care about cycling. 409,000 people tuned into the Tour De France last year. The Superbowl gets 100 million viewers. He tarnished the global reputation of the United States so that now the rest of the world looks at us (more) negatively than they already do for something the general public could care less about. #liestrong #lancedropestrong

Just to close with Crabtree. Pick a better time for this goddamn story. Jesus, the guy just spent the last 4+ months playing football to get to this point, he’s shining, and now you bring this shit on him. Couldn’t this wait? Some random sexual assault by some stupid, money hungry hoe? #pimptree