Monkey See, Monkey Do

This bothers me more than life itself. People who keep their phone on the table while eating. It’s possibly the rudest thing someone can do. It’s genuine discontent and disrespect for the people or person you are eating with. I’m practical and not saying that you should never take out your phone when you are out to eat. I will glance at my phone if there is a break in the action, say the person is going to the bathroom, or I am looking something up on my phone to carry the conversation. I also understand that when our parents were raising kids in the 80’s and 90’s, there weren’t rules about when it was appropriate to use your phone, maybe people just don’t understand. Essentially when you choose to take out your phone, you are saying that this is more important to me than you are. Smart phone 1, Human Being 0.

This brings me to the next phenomenon of monkey see, monkey do. It’s a reaction by humans to do what someone else is doing. We were at the golf course the other week and were waiting to tee off when a group behind us (yes it was a slow round) came to the tee box. While waiting, Monkey 1 checked his phone, Monkey 2 didn’t want to be left out and he checked his phone, unable to converse with anyone Monkey 3 decided to check his phone. It was just a weird thing that I feel like I should point out that was brought to my attention by CK4.

If you read this blog you know that I praise the smartphone. I love how it keeps me in touch with my email and how I can surf the web and have all that information at my fingertips. However, I don’t act like it’s my higher power. I don’t flaunt my phone and show everyone my latest apps. I don’t alert everyone what model droid I have or want. I use my phone for calls, texts and emails. I’ve wasted time flinging birds at pigs but never again. I use the phone as an accessory and not my primary life function. Just my two cents.