My least favorite quality about females

I’m very adamant about this post. When I’m going to the bar and looking to dance/grind on girls there is nothing more annoying than (correct Jkash?) a girl’s friends. If it’s not intimidating enough to go up to a group of 4 girls and try to start something, I certainly don’t need to add attitude from her friends. It’s like if one of the friends doesn’t approve of the guy they try to “save” the girl. They start shaking their head or laughing or doing other dumb things dumb girls do. What they are doing is “saving” the girl from a decent looking guy, he has a job, he’s nice and respectful and will probably shell out some cash on drinks. I’m not Danny Zuko on the dance floor but where is even the opportunity. Here is the mindset I think they take “well if this girl is going to dance with my friend, what am I going to do?” This is how a guy handles this situation “my buddy is making moves on a lady I’m going to leave him alone and let him work his game.” It just happened a bunch of times last night and I’m sure it’s going to be happening for the rest of history but seriously, why all the intervention. I think this is probably the biggest problem with meeting girls at the bar and I’m completely realistic about this, girls in bars don’t care about “good guys,” they are looking for the best looking meathead who probably is a complete asshole, no cash, and will treat them terribly. Am I right here and can someone please throw in some input?