Instead of writing about a part of the movie ala here, I’m going to give my thoughts on it. 93 on rotten tomatoes and Sam’s recommendation slotted the movie 50/50 in my life. My general overview was that is was well scripted, contained good acting, and was a poignant movie. There were multiple times that I can say I was almost brought to tears. A movie that brings that type of emotion can never be bad. I thought the viewers ability to develop empathy for the characters involved throughout this movie enhanced an already great picture. I’m going to break it down a bit further with varying thoughts I had throughout.

The acting was phenomenal by Joseph-Gordon Levitt specifically. A good actor is one who plays the part so it appears natural. He absolutely nailed the emotional range of his character and condition. The sadness, the dealing with cancer, the anger, just everything about his character seemed legit. Seth Rogen is completely genius but for a completely different reason. He acts like a real person in real life when he acts in the movie. He’s not like goofball Adam Sandler funny, he’s like real 2012 how people act funny. The jokes in the movie are hilarious (see below), and Rogen provides comic relief for such a serious movie while still feeling like a serious best friend. My favorite was the first joke below for such reasons. I recognized Anna Kendrick from Twilight (just kidding…no I’m not) and at first I thought she was sort of ditzy and dumb but she really did a tremendous job transforming from therapist (following procedure) to a genuine person (expressing herself). Plus I sort of crush on her and just liked the character (her) in general. The mom plot line was perfectly structured and I didn’t really see the need for the Dad but I probably missed something. Fantastic cast though that wasn’t overly complicated and each served their unique purpose.

Here are a few random things I thought about in the movie:
– When Adam and Kyle are sitting on the bench towards the end, I started thinking about what you’d even talk about to someone who was close to you and about to die. The “it’s going to be ok” act is phony so it’s just a complete build up emotionally of really not knowing what to say. Remembering good times and just expressing friendship and how close human relationships can become seems about right though. If it was someone close I think I’d say “I’m so happy to have met you on this Earth.”
– I really liked when the one patient didn’t come back and Adam asked the other guy “what happened”, and the response was “what does it matter, his heart stopped beating.” That really put things in perspective of how one day you can be here and the next is never guaranteed.
– I didn’t really touch on the Adam/Rachael relationship. Like the rest of the movie, Rachael seemed real to me. Scared of the sickness, not willing to commit but not going to abandon her boyfriend who just got cancer. I liked how she tried to get back with him because I think it’s so typical in relationships and Adam saying “get the fuck off my porch” was a great line.
– I think the movie also shows how one person can effect so many peoples lives. Let’s just say he died, his Mom would be all alone. Seth Rogen lost his best friend. And the therapist is constantly thinking of what could have been if he lived. Dying is permanent and as a human you don’t really think about it like that. It’s just something off in the distance. The world keeps on turning.
– If you read the last point, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that smoking cigarettes is one of the most selfish acts a person can take part of. You are knowingly expediting the process of death. A big fuck you to everyone around you. Now this reasoning can obviously translate to saying anything that is risky or damaging is selfish. Don’t take this one too seriously.

I don’t usually write this much about movies but good movies are ones that touch emotions and leave you thinking. I’d honestly be curious what people think about my take on this movie and if you had any other thoughts about it. Over – under 2 real comments that don’t include Sam? I’m hoping the over on this one.

Some of the better jokes from the movie:
Kyle: I fucking nailed that cunt! Can you believe that?
Claire: Oh, God!
[disgusted at his swearing, Claire walks away from Kyle and he follows behind her]
Kyle: I don’t usually say that.

Kyle: Has she been sucking on your dick, been giving you blow jobs?
Adam: No. She doesn’t like to.
Kyle: She does…No fucking shit she doesn’t like to! Who likes putting dicks in their mouth? You do it cause that’s why they call it blow jobs! It’s a job!

Adam: You just always hate my girlfriends.
Kyle: That’s not true. Okay, it is actually. But it’s because you always date people who are fucking dickheads, man. You date needy bitches. Why?