Future Ambler Fall Bball Champs?

Well that’s going a bit overboard but we did have our first game Tuesday night for the Fall League. We added two new players in Kope and Mike and said goodbye to our sniper Evan and my brother, both of whom relocated. The first game was against a team that wasn’t very good and there was an unusual turn of events 4 minutes into the 2nd half. Kope threw the ball off their player and the far ref said it was our possession. The other player seemed to think we convinced the ref it went off him and he cursed off the ref. The ref than told him to stop giving him the death stare and he did it again. This got him 2 T’s and he got kicked out of the game. We were only up by 6 at that point but after that little incident, we ended up winning by more than 20. We were pretty rusty for the first game of the season but hopefully we’ll improve. For Bud, Casey, CK4 and myself, it was virtually the first time playing since winter ball.

Our team is pretty interesting in the sense that we are all 6ft tall and pretty much play the same position. Ck4 and Mike are basically both scorers and good shooters. Kope is a good addition because he’s athletic and can help us put the ball in the basket. Bake is our most well rounded player because he can shoot and direct the offense. Casey gives us some quickness and handling that we lack. Bud is solid and won’t turn the ball over or take bad shots. As long as I make my open shots I can be efficient which is a nice way of saying that I can help out by not screwing up. We also have a 6-6 guy who I’m not even going to say he’s on our team until he shows up to a game. This should be an interesting year and hopefully we can make a run in the playoffs.

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1st Bball Game – Ambler League

Coming off a championship run in the Fall league we had high expectations for game 1. We didn’t have Ck4 so our offense would be a little light but hopefully by outplaying the opposition we would get the W. At no point do I think either team had a lead by more than 6 points. We were pretty bad but they handed us the game on a silver platter. They missed so many foul shots at the end and screwed up royally by calling a timeout they didn’t have and giving us a chance to tie the game. Bake must have hit clutch 3 after clutch 3 to keep us in the game and we found ourselves in a 2 minute OT. We missed our first possession and sent them to line where they went 1 for 2. On ours, Jeff gave me a pass that barely made it through and I incredibly (the layup wasn’t incredible it was the fact that it went in) made a lay up to get us up by 1. Then they took a bad shot and I can’t remember exactly what happened but they were inbounding the ball, down 1, with 6 seconds left and this complete doofus threw it right to the guy I was standing next to and I hit it away and we gained possession. We were the better team but they outplayed us. If it wasn’t for Bake draining something like 7 threes on the night, we’d have been toast. Very lucky to come away with the victory and this team undeniably needs to practice.

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CK4 Grabs Rebound!!!

We had a game at the new Ambler Y and I must say I was incredibly impressed with the new structure. I read that the old one was built on a 3 acre land and the new one was something ridiculous 28 acres. We were playing a team of guys who were reasonably talented basketball players but lacked the basketball fundamentals and had little team chemistry. Even with that being said we went down 27-10 to start the game. That was the case for the first 10 minutes of the game. With Jkash being out for the second straight game with a shoulder injury we were running 6 people. After their initial barrage we started playing an uptempo game and started filling it up. Ck4 and Jeff were doing some scoring and we were just outplaying them on the boards and getting open shots and offensive rebounds. We ended the half 36-30 with our lead. The game never really got much closer than 4 points and we held them off. Bud came up with the title to this post and I thought it was pretty funny because CK4 probably, ok he keeps his own stats so he did, drop 23 but it’s hard to say how much of the other stat lines he fills up. He did have an assist to me I must add, but I was probably 2-15 from the floor and 2-8 from the line. I’m not sure I’m looking at the rim when I shoot and it was pretty bad because I don’t really take bad shots but I just make easy shots look bad. We moved to 5-1 with 3 more cake games and one more tough one before the playoffs. If you read this blog and you’d be interested in playing ball for our team in a Manayunk League, we are looking for 1-2 more roster spots to fill. If you’re interested, send me an email or leave a comment.

I’m going to give a quick fantasy football recap and I know these aren’t that fun to read but I’m doing it anyway. I went 4-0 for the 2nd straight week and was high scorer in 2 leagues. I moved to hold the number 1 spot in Evan’s league, 2 spot behind Jkash in Bakes, 1 spot in Steve’s, and holding the 2 in Bud’s. This has been a blockbuster fantasy year and hopefully my good fortune continues.

As I’ve done in my last few Monday posts, I’ll review some TV that I watched. I thought Dexter was pretty good but the main thrust of the episode was unrealistic. I don’t mind too much though as I like the Lumen – Dexter relationship. Boardwalk isn’t really developing into anything anyone cares about but I’ll still give it a chance and just assume they will tie some good plots into each other. I liked the Eastbound but it was nothing special. I think Kenny is more likable when he acts like he’s doing the right thing. I really liked the owner of the Charros with the sword in the beginning. I still have to watch Weeds but it’s getting late and I’ll do that tomorrow.

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Bball & Driving

Chalk up another victory for the Ambler Y Bball team. There is no one else to thank other than Matt Baker for this victory. He came to play and probably scored about 30 of our 48 points. The other team consisted of some guys from Wissahickon who we’ve played a few times before. Neither team really had a center and we could really use some height because our offense lived and died on the 3 ball but fortunately Bake drained about 7 or so, I honestly lost count. It was a pretty good game actually and had some tense moments towards the end. Only one ref showed and he had a tendency to blow the whistle after the foul was committed and he liked to make calls from opposite ends of the gym. Ck4 started to give him some lip with a few seconds to play and he told Chad to stop crying and then he made some irrational point how we weren’t getting the calls because we were only shooting jumpers but that had nothing to do with the hacks that were occurring in the end game. Bottom line is we won 48-47 in a tough win but if we have to rely on that hot shooting every game, no offense to Bake, but he shot the lights out.

It’s already 1am now and I woke up at 7 so I’m about ready to call it a night. Things have been pretty tame for me recently but I’ve been having this crazy feeling when I’m driving that I’m either going to hit someone or someone is going to hit me. Now I pride myself on my first rate driving ability but I just see maniac after maniac, day after day, pulling stupid shit that it’s just bound to happen. When it was summer time, the roads were much less crowded but now with school back in session, people are just everywhere. I’m not trying to be a doomsayer but more people on the road = more idiots to get into accidents. I also feel like I miss out on sleep during the weekends because even though I get a full 8 hours, it’s drunk sleep and not sleep sleep. So I was really tired today and tired driving is honestly one of the worst, most dangerous things to do. I obviously don’t make a habit of it but if you work a job, this situation is unavoidable. Good luck on the road out there. Oh and all my Fantasy Teams held this week except for one.

To keep the rambling going and this is something that I’m sure people are aware of but probably don’t pay much attention to. If you give someone your blackberry messenger pin and it looks like 1a2b3c0O this can get confusing so let’s just do a quick tutorial. Number 0, Letter O. This actually comes up more often than you think and now you know that the letter is wider and the number skinnier.

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