Amanda Bynes Meltdown

From 10 to Crazy

It’s amazing how the media continues to post stories about someone’s downard spiral… just kidding, there’s no surprise, it’s a part of what is so wrong with our society. How Amanda Bynes meltdown actually garners enough attention that the media continues to provoke erratic behavior instead of helping the individual should make you shake your head. I don’t know what you’d even do, but whatever is ongoing has to be wrong. It’s another one of those lay off the sauce and pills and come back to reality.

Probably fake video of her on the elliptical.

The comparison of the two people in the picture alone should be an overwhelming, “BACK THE FUCK OFF AND LEAVE THIS GIRL ALONE.” Although I must admit, I followed her on twitter to follow along with the mayhem, so I’m just as bad. With the whole Drake thing and continuing craziness, this girl is off her rocker. Whatever happened to the AllThat girl and that boy who was a girl in What a Girl Wants. I think her cleavage in some of those pictures is what is setting her apart from the other crazy girls in the world. She hasn’t been relevant in a while aside for some DUI’s but those cans are differentiating herself and giving her staying power.

If anyone used to watch AllThat they would remember the Ask Ashley sketch that she used to do. It had a little bit of Sam Kinnison in it.