And the Next Celebrity Meltdown Goes To…

Ariel Winter from Modern Family. Before I fully detail this prediction (which is going off at 1-1 right now), it’s important to scour the past for hints of insanity from other meltdowns.


McKayla Maroney’s Downward Spiral

Hard to categorize this as a complete meltdown as there haven’t been any internal, or external, reports of it. I also have exactly 0 inside information on the aforementioned meltdown. However, I’m sensing her state of mind through her Twitter and Instagram posts since she rose to Olympic fame. Let’s watch the 4 year cycle:

Picture from the summer of 2012 when she was still training
McKayla After Olympics

Still Olympic Fame with the not impressed face
Hot Young McKayla

The Pinnacle of McKayla taken on 9/4/13
McKayla Maroney Dodger Fan

Still Keeping it Together – 4th of July in 2014 
McKayla's 4th of July

Concert Scene Takes Over and Madness Begins (still brown hair) – April 13, 2015
McKayla at Coachella

Post Boob Job – October, 2015
McKayla Boobs

Drugs Are Bad, MmmmKay – Shortly After the Last Pic
McKayla on Molly

Falling Off the Wagon – March 8th, 2016
Black Hair McKayla

Black Hair Begins – March 20th, 2016
McKayla Bikini

Who Knows What’s Next – June 7th, 2016

Black Hair McKayla Maroney



Britney Spears Goes Full Cycle (Thankfully)

The most notorious collapse from the queen of pop. She got into all sorts of wild antics like shaving her head, getting hitched in Vegas and then divorced shortly after, marrying her backup dancer Kevin Federline, and stories involving drugs and bizarre parenting. Britney has since returned to prime time with spots on American Idol and making a full revitalization of her life which is wonderful to witness that you can turn it around.

The Hottest Britney in Hit Me Baby One More Time – ’98

Britney Hit Me

Whoops I Did It Again Video – ’00
Britney in Whoops I Did It Again

Still Looking Hot but the Beginning of the Meltdown – ’04
Jan '04 Britney Spears

Britney Shaves Head and Attacks Car With Umbrella – ’07

Who Knows What She’s On – ’10

Making a Comeback – ’12
Britney Spears at Clive Davis Pre-GRAMMY Gala

Back to Healthy After Much Time (I’d guess) – ’15


Amanda Bynes Jumps Off Deep End and Lands On Cement

Completely disappearing from the limelight in today’s era, Amanda Bynes had a few weeks of epic proportions that captured the American audience by storm. A beautiful young woman who got her start from All That and grew into a leading lady in films. She started taking crazy pills and never fully recovered.

Looking Hot – 2009
Bynes 2009

Maxim – 2010
Amanda Bynes 2010

Drake Please Murder My Vagina – 2013
Bynes - Drake Please Murder My Vagina

Post Boob Job – 2014

Rough Times – 2014
amanda 2014

Mug Shot – 2014
Amanda Bynes Mugshot 2014

Bynes Doing Better but I Don’t Know If That’s Saying Much – Late 2015


Lindsey Lohan Fell the Furthest

Lindsay Lohan was on top of the world after Mean Girls (and even sort of with Herbie even though the movie sucked but she looked good doing it). She went from childhood cutie (remember Parent Trap), to goddess like proportion’s in Mean Girls, to cocaine addicted and DUI getting maniac, to skipping court and serving jail time. She never got back to full health which is sad and shows the dangers of being a childhood star.

The Plastics from Mean Girls -2004

Vanity Fair Shoot (Be Hotter, You Can’t)- 2004

Celebrity Status Takes It’s Toll Quickly – 2005

One of At Least 2 Mugshots – 2007

Riddled in Drugs and Alcohol – 2009

Wigging It – 2012

Tough To Tell If Things Are Looking Up – 2015



Ariel Winter is My Prediction For Next Complete Meltdown

Better known as Alex Dunphy from Modern Family, Ariel got press for having big boobs and getting them reduced. You’ll notice that most of these meltdowns stem from having big boobs combined with drugs and alcohol. My prediction of her demise begins with the notice of her provocative Instagram pics and Coachella destination (ala McKayla) for partying.  That graduation pic at the end is the cherry on top because who the hell would wear that to graduation? I’m guessing by the time she turns 21, she’ll have at least one DUI. Mark my words.

Talks of Breast Reduction Begin – Jan, 2014
20th Annual SAG Awards - Red Carpet

Modern Family – No Idea Time Frame

Bikini Selfies – March ’16
March 2016

Coachella – April ’16

Beach Time – April ’16

Her Graduation Picture – July ’16

When it happens, remember this post.

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Childhood Crushes

So growing up at a teenager you find girls attractive even though you don’t know what to do about it. I’m talking middle school era where you’ll be thinking she’s cute and then “now what”. I wanted to go over girls from my younger days who I thought were hot stuff. Notice my picture selection was from their days when I’d be seeing them as a kid.

    Alex Mack (Larisa Oleynik)

I would watch Alex Mack specifically for her. I think I remember liking the show alright but she was the main reason. She also did 10 things I hate about you which I’ve seen recently and she still looked good but I didn’t like her as much when I was 26 instead of 13. Not sure why.

Kelly Kapowski (Tiffany Amber Theissan)

Loved Kelly. Major crush. I used to watch this show twice a day when it would rerun on TBS for years at a time. I’ve seen the episodes when they were on the beach and she is really just a knockout. There are some pictures of her on the net that I would be happy to show but some people view this at work and it wouldn’t be appropriate. I’m sure me along with thousands (millions!?) of other had the same dream.

Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin)

I’m more of a DJ fan now but at the time I thought Stephanie was the hotter sister. This may also be because she developed a meth addiction and sort of blew up. I saw some present day pictures and gave her the benefit of the doubt with this one even though she’s only 15. She was a cute girl growing up, it’s a shame Full House popularity along with the childhood celeb status drove here to craziness.

Tia and Tamara (Tia & Tamara Mowry)

I think I only need one picture here. I used to like the show sister sister. The plot lines were pretty good, roger was a doofus, and them being twins led to plenty of double jokes. I look back now and probably think they are hotter than I remember them but nevertheless pretty good looking females. I wasn’t as gaga over these two but still felt to include them in this list.

Amanda Bynes

She was on All That and she is all that. What a pretty girl. I know she’s still doing some random shows that are bound to flop but in the looks dept she wins. I really don’t know that much about her other than her doing that weird sound on the one skit in All That. This was during my later years where I didn’t really watch that show much but she’s still good enough for this list.

Ashley Banks (Tatyana Ali)

Obviously a lot older in this picture but as Ashley Banks, she was just a cute little girl. I think she’s really, really pretty now which goes against the concept of this list but I think she had a good thing going for her as a kid. Her character kind of sucked on the show and I’m pretty sure her music wasn’t that good but I do remember her having one song that was ok. Not much else to comment on.

I was gonna add Brad from Hey Dude but I don’t think anyone remembers her. I also could add the spice girls, Britney, Summer Sanders, and Christina.

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