UCLA Girl Rant – My opinion

Brookes, Laura’s bf, sent me an email with a link saying “this makes me sick.” The article was on how this girl if receiving death threats after posting this video on the web. He said that this would make good blog material and since I listen to my readers, I decided to make a post about this topic which I find quite humorous. Now when Brookes wrote “this makes me sick” I’m not sure if he’s referring to the actual video or the fact that she’s receiving death threats so we might (probably won’t) not see eye to eye on the subject matter. First off, this is exactly the girl I’d go for. Big boobs, dyed blonde hair, pretty cute, and has a sense of humor. She doesn’t seem that bright but she got into UCLA so she must’ve blown someone important which I think is another top notch attribute to consider. So considering all this, it’s not surprising that I side with the UCLA student on this one. I think Brookes probably is referring to the girl’s opinion in the video making him sick.

I assume most people probably would side with the politically correct viewpoint on this one but not me. How is she supposed to reach an epiphany with all these Asians on their cell phones saying “ching-chong-ting-wong-ling-long”? Can you please answer me that? Nobody in their right minds can reach an epiphany with that type of distraction. Plus I also agree that it’s horseshit if people who aren’t even part of the campus are taking advantage of the washing machines. There’s no way this girl had any idea that this would blow up to the proportions it blew up to. It would be like me making a post about some topic, taking a considered “wrong” viewpoint, and then thousands of people read it and make a big deal (this would never happen by the way). This could have so easily happened to me that I completely side with this girl. I could have been in the library, got annoyed by the Asian population and posted something inappropriate on my blog. I like this girl 100% and if all the girls looked like this, send me to UCLA. I honestly feel bad for this girl and hope this blows over. Her receiving death threats seriously makes this world a scary place.