Mismatches and Female Pop Star Sales

I understand that artists record music and then if there is an untimely death, they can release the material postmortem. I get the feeling though that this is going to be a TuPac like scenario where Michael Jackson will be coming out with music for the next 10 years. I think it’s interesting how this song has adapted to current pop music tastes and you’d have no idea that Michael Jackson is around 50 years of age when recording this. I also think that they can probably just take previous recordings of Michael’s voice and just put everything together to form songs. Technology is truly wonderful.

This song has 38 million views!

I actually think it’s pretty good myself. It’s an uplifting song that people can relate to and I am not surprised at its success. Catchy chorus, good beat. I’m a homo. Although the gay guys kissing is really gay and I don’t understand why this gets included in the video. Whatever happened to a guy kissing a girl. The fireworks coming out of her boobs are hot.

Ck4 and I also had a debate on who the biggest female pop star out right now and the top 3 of the list were Katy Perry, GaGa, and Rhianna. I personally find Katy Perry to be the hottest act out right now but after some fact finding, she won’t take this award. To make this as informative post as possible, I found the album sales of various female artists and comprised a list from top to relevant.

  • Madonna – 300 million
  • Celine Dion – 200 Million
  • Mariah Carey – 200 Million
  • Whitney Houston – 170 Million
  • Barbara Streisand – 140 Million
  • Cher, Britney, Janet Jackson, Olivia Newton John – 100 Million
  • Rihanna – 60 Million
  • GaGa – 55 Million

    Katy Perry’s second album has sold 800,000 copies. Obviously music is downloaded and pirated more frequently today so that probably has something to do with it.