Since I posted this link on facebook, I guess I’ll treat any newcomers to a double day post. Here are some random thoughts without any rhyme or reason.

On my trip to OCMD, I caved in and bought a pair of sandals that look like normal person beach sandals. The pair I had before were sort of like fitness sandals and they were open in the front with a velcro strap across about 1/3 of the way back. Naturally I took some abuse as everyone was like “are you going to the gym?” Personally I didn’t mind them because I could wear socks and even if it looked dumb, it didn’t mess around with my dirty foot phobia. But being the person that I am and having the tendency to fit in, I bought a pair of brown sandals with the loop next to the big toe. At the expense of looking cool, I ended up stubbing my pinky toe against the ground and opened up a nice chunk of skin that is effecting my running. I did get used to them though and even conquered the nastiness of wearing them around bare foot. I still find it revolting in a sense that when I just finish showering and am all clean, how am I supposed to put my foot into a pair of sandals that I’m constantly walking around in? The mysteries of fitting in…

Another unusual thing that I find is the those string key chains. At Mad River the past week some hotties were handing out Cuervo key chains. Not to be a buzzkil, I was happy to take their free gear and whatever advertising bs they hand out. I also like how these girls are pretty much forced to be nice which makes talking and messing with them easy. So they key chain somehow made it’s way back to my desk at home and I decided to give it try. It’s one of those loopy strings that are big enough to hang around your neck and I’m still wondering what’s the purpose of it. I put it in my pocket and it all jumbles up and when I reach in to take it out, it pulls everything right out of my pocket. Yeah, awesome, so now I have my keys on some string so I’m safe as long as I don’t lose the string but I’m going to lose everything else in my pocket. I’m just a little confused on how to work one of these key chains properly. If I ever need to lasso a rodent in a pinch, I’m your man.

To fit into the keychain theme, I want every drunk person to remember the “big 3”. Wallet, phone, and keys. Nothing else matters. If anyone else tells you differently, they are lying. When you wake up from a blackout state the first thing you do is reach into your pocket and touch your left butt cheek. On another tangent, but I’m pretty sure all righties should keep their wallet in their left back pocket and if you do otherwise you’re gay. But the feeling of waking up from a rough night and knowing that you are not injured and that you have the big 3 is tough to beat. Aside from the phone, I don’t really have too much of an issue with the other two, probably because they don’t come out of the pocket as often. I’ve actually had this phone for over a year now and losing your phone is the worst, because you have to start all over again with your contacts. People you see all the time are no problem to get again but the people in other areas and random drunk numbers pretty much get lost forever. Forget the key chain for my keys, I need a phone chain. It would be like a bungee cord that could reach my ear but never let the phone touch the ground. If this idea comes out I’m going Steve McGrath style with a bunch of “SERIOUSLY’S and “REALLY’S.”

Another thought goes with running. I know it’s really hot out there, believe me I know, but the point of a run is to run. I always see people taking breaks, slyly checking their IPODS as if they are going to find the right song to get them in the mood. Eye of the Tiger isn’t going to help your fat ass. The thing is, I have no problem at all if you want to go for a walk, go for a walk, more power to you, but don’t get all geared up in your running equipment and make it look like you know what your doing and then take 4 steps and decide you’re tired. I also love the people who sport their one 5k race shirt when they go to exercise. Obvious amateur hour. And yes I completely overemphasize this because I run for fun and it’s just my way of insulting people without them having the ability to insult me back. Any exercise is good exercise, walking or running.

Finally I don’t really like acoustic songs. I don’t understand the appeal to them. I pretty much always find them sounding different than the original and that’s not really what I’m looking for. They mix up lyrics and sing it their own way, just sing the damn song the way I know it. I heard One Headlight acoustic today and I was trying to sing along and Jakob Dylan just kept pitching all over the place and ending notes early. Not a fan.