I really don’t like making these depressed posts so even though I don’t think it’s that great of a story I’ll give some details of my weekend. Start out buying a case of Flying Dog at the beer store because they had a sales man giving out free samples and I know what it’s like to sell something so I gave him the business, plus I got a glass and an opener. So I drink a handful and then wagon and I go to Kildare’s to meet up with some girl. She has a friend and I get the one with the pin. So I play nice for a while being a good wing man and then wander off to Mad River. My new favorite bartender specifically pointed me out to do an mind eraser which was cool but turns out she’s engaged so it’s just another dumb girl with a boyfriend. I still like her though. I was working some game with a couple decent girls but no conversion.

Saturday we went to AC. Left at 12 or so and I speeded down to the Borgata. Evan and I played some PaiGow to start where I won 50 or so, I think he was up 7 hundo. Then I went to play some 1-2. I already had a goose and a couple of beers so combined with the previous nights intake I was already pretty good and buzzed. So I sit down and instantly start blabbing how I’m here to create action and that I’m pretty much the best player they’ll ever see. Yada yada I play like a 10/10 (which is tight for those unfamiliar with vpip/pf) I don’t really see too many hands and basically just continued to drink. I called the clock on one guy who flipped at me but he had plenty of time. There was an Indian guy next to me who I was relentlessly needling by calling him awful and telling him how big a fish he was. I didn’t use my casting motion but I would have if he was across the table. Then some guy got a big head against me because he was in a hand and just shoved his chips in haphazardly without saying raise or anything, so I told him to learn how to bet/raise properly. So he wanted to try to take my money. Then Allen Hopkins, some world class 9 ball player, sits down and we start at it. He was pretty bad and ended up busting. I ended up cashing out down 50 or so without really doing too much. I 3 bet kk once and an A flopped which killed my action and I didn’t hit any sets. I had k8 on a k85 flop and the guy turned a 5 and he took about a c note on me when I didn’t see that coming. So I took my stack to blackjack, lost some chips and then put some on a roulette spin which lost and I ended the day down 200. I don’t like losing money so this put me in a sour mood which carried over to this morning but I’m finally feeling a bit better. There’s a blog post that doesn’t make me sound like an emotional mess.