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So you can see my tweet in the upper right which is the basis of this post. Here’s the validation of my opinion on the band A Silent Film. I’m saying that I have impeccable taste in music and deserve the credit for pointing out good songs before they become mainstream. Now this is a skill that virtually everyone thinks they have but mostly don’t. By the time the song hits the radio it is already mainstream. To really prove this skill you have to buy the CD (or spotify) the first day it comes out, listen to it all the way through, and then give an opinion of songs on the album. For this particular example, I technically said every song on the album was great which is cheating a bit but I’m still counting it. I’ve also listened to the Killers album, Battleborn, about 7 times or so and think that more than half the songs have potential of hitting the airwaves. Once again not saying much by pointing good songs out. To actually prove this talent, you should download spotify and follow my list “alt nation” to hear my recommended songs. If you aren’t using spotify to listen to music you are so far behind the curve that you don’t deserve to know my music. Use this post as your starting point. Find me, follow my music, and then share your taste in music with me. It can be a game. I can jam your playlist while Jeff and I play ping pong and you can jam mine while you are doing whatever it is you do.

I wrote a post about being the first of your friends to hear a song and then declaring this “your song” and anyone else who knows about it after you is listening to old music. After thinking about this I’ve taken the stance that you actually want everyone to hear your song. It’s better when top notch material is heard by everyone. You should feel happy when other people discover songs that you knew were worth listening to. Sharing is caring.

I’m going to make one last plea for you to listen to spotify which absolutely blows away Pandora. It has newer music and you can choose your music and share your music. This is a similar backing I’ve done with Sirius for all these years and can’t understand how so many people still put up with AM/FM. It can’t seriously be about monthly fee? You spend your life in your car listening to commercials. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!! I can’t comment on their rap or Country stations but I know their rock music is far superior than any Philly bs you are listening to. Never listen to a commercial again. Download Spotify immediately and share your music with me. I’ll be sure to mention great new songs by great new people who share.

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A Silent Film – Sand & Snow

You can listen to the entire album on Spotify and there’s absolutely no reason not to. This band is completely overlooked. With past hits as You Will Leave a Mark & Driven By A Beaten Heart, they absolutely knock this album out of the park. I’ve wrote about Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well which was their first single off this album (and can be listened to below). Let Them Feel Your Heartbeat is a terrific song as well. I sat there listening to their entire album and didn’t have the feeling “oh I have to turn this song off because it sucks at any point.” Re-read that last line because that is the key to a good album. Groups that have one or two good songs don’t necessarily make them good. Being able to listen to an entire album and enjoy it (ala Foster the People) is when I know I can back a group. This is only my review after one listen through and I will listen through it again and again.

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