6 Feet Under Points

I’ve been watching 6 feet under which is a very smart show. I write some things down every so often that I pick up throughout each episode and finally have enough to create and entire post. Here are some things I’ve learned.

  • You are supposed to flip your mattress every 14 weeks. I think it’s been about 5 years since I’ve flipped mine so I’m a bit overdue.
  • David was shown in a scene brushing his tongue which is something I’m aware of but never do. I feel like the brush on my tongue makes me want to gag and vomit.
  • On a hardback novel, Nate used the book jacket to mark his page. I’ve never used a book mark and just turn the corner of the page I’m on down. I’ve never even though of using the book jacket.
  • Dead people need to be embalmed so they don’t rot. Sort of common sense but I wasn’t really aware of the process and didn’t know it was called embalming.
  • “One things is certain, everything changes.” I just liked the quote.That was what I got through 7 episodes so I’m sure I’ll post more because I find it interesting.