The kid

I’ve thought long and hard about this and I want to name my first born “the kid”. What a cool name. First off it’s two names in one. You can’t just call him kid, it has to be “the kid”. The first reason it’s awesome is because he will actually be a kid. There are plenty of people nicknamed something the kid but they usually are older and it’s a contradictory nickname which makes it laughable. I want people to call the little guy whatever they want. I don’t care if it’s billy the kid or gerald the kid as long as whatever you are calling him is followed by the kid, then he will obviously be the coolest person around. Think about it, the teacher is asking a question and “the kid” raises his hand and the teacher say’s “yes, the kid, do you know the answer ? Everyone in class is like what kid is she talking about but it’s obvious there’s only one real kid. His name is epic and out of all the other kids, he’s THE KID. I really see this catching on because as he gets older it’s awesome to have the nickname the kid. He will be ageless throughout time and enjoy being forever young. I’d be doing him a disservice not naming him the kid. Ted Williams, Griffey, Billy were all the kid. Willie Mays was the say hey kid. My son would be the motherfucking kid.

Absurdity aside, I went on a run the other day and I’m amazed at the rudeness of bikers. I’m running on the far right hand side of the trail and they have this crazed reasoning that whenever they are going to pass they have to scream at you and tell you what side they are passing on. I’m on one side of the track with no oncoming traffic and you have the nerve to yell that you are passing. There is no need for this and you just scared the bejesus out of me in my state of tranquility. I honestly think that all bikers are pussies who can’t gut it out running so they cling to their lame vehicle of transportation. It’s a poor man’s exercise.

I also thought heavily into the word extraordinary. It’s two words combined, extra and ordinary. Now if you are extra ordinary, chances are you aren’t extraordinary. This popped into my head because I know I’ve gotten pretty good at running and I was wondering what it would take to be extraordinary. I don’t have the time and patience to be this term but I’m still closer to it in the field of long distance running than I would guess 95% of the population. I would like to think that everything I do would be to attain the status of extraordinary. People’s commitment towards goals is what can make them better than other people. I’ve set a goal for myself and I will do what it takes to achieve this and for that, I will succeed in life. If I ever give any words of wisdom, setting goals is crucial because it makes you strive for something and put forth the energy towards a goal instead of wandering along. That’s why this weekend I have set a goal of drinking an entire 30 pack by myself. It’s lofty but now I have a measure and we’ll see if I can live up to it.