2013 Philly Kicking Cancer Kickball Tournament

Team Kegs and Legs at the 2013 Kicking Cancer Kickball Tournament

Team Kegs and Legs at the 2013 Kicking Cancer Kickball Tournament

This weekend was the 2013 Philly Kicking Cancer Kickball Tournament. We had 2 “practices” leading up to the tournament but it was safe to say we were all novices. This tournament draws 44 teams with 10+ people per team. I woke up at 7 and got some breakfast feeling pretty good from the night before where I was at the Eagles pre-season game taking it easy. I headed to Evan’s to meet up with fellow team members and headed off to the fields. I was running low on gas and decided to put a few gallons in to ensure we would have enough for the trip. This proved to be disastrous. In the haste of filling up my tank, I left my phone on the top of the car. About midway through the trip to the fields, Evan said, “I think a leaf just fell off your car.” I immediately felt my pockets and realized I didn’t have my phone. I went to the fields, dropped off Evan and the Shee, and then double backed to where I thought the phone might have fell. I was unable to find it and moved on not letting this debacle ruin my day.

The tournament started around 10 and our first game didn’t start until 11:30. At fundraisers like this, the standard is to drink. I cracked open my first beer around 9am and was probably one of the first to do so. It was interesting watching the first couple games and we were getting prepared by throwing a few back. When game time arrived we did a pre game ritual fireball shot and we took the field.

Getting acclimated to the rules took about 1 inning and we were off. I think the other team scored first when they booted one over Evan’s head. Before this happened I recall Evan saying something along the lines of, “never let anything get over your head.” Aside from that one play, the other team was pretty bad and we benefited from their constant mistakes in the field. We won the first game 6-1.

Our next game was an hour later and the fireball ritual took place again. Feeling nice and hyped, we got down 1-0 to a formidable team. Each game goes 25 minutes so it’s a bit of a rushed feeling when you get down. With about 8 minutes left, Cait (our leadoff hitting star) booted a triple over some outfielders who were playing her as a typical girl. Evan drove her in on the next hit and we had the game tied. I came up with a man on 1st and booted a dinger to a girl outfielder in right field. It probably would have been caught by a normal person but this ball was perfectly placed for the situation and made the game 3-1. Our defense held and we won the game.

In between games we played some flip cup and worked on “twerking”. I was starting to feel a bit tipsy at this point and some girls came by and handed out some vita-coco. Our coach, hometown honey, made everyone drink it up to restore electrolytes. It tasted like shit but I drank it anyway. At this point I was substituting a beer for a water each game. We only had a wee bit remaining for fireball shots but this proved fruitful once again. In game 3 we were down 2-1 with only 5 or so minutes to play. 2 base runners got on and I was up to bat. I told the Shee that I was going to let the pitcher’s first pitch go by and then boot a homer out to the right field girl. As fate would have it, I did just that. I launched a nice high ball out to right and the girl never stood a chance. We ended up winning the game 4-2.

At 3-0 we made the playoffs however we were out of Fireball. This proved to make a difference as we were beat by a better playing team. I’m not saying they were better than us, but they played better than us this game. They executed nice kicks to spaces that we weren’t covering. I blew a game changing peg towards a runner at home that can’t be described as anything but an error. We lost 4-1 and that was the day. It was a very fun day all things considered. The weather was beautiful, company enjoyable, and fun times were had by all. I’d recommend this to anyone interested.