Wawa’s 2 for 3 Sizzli Ends

2 for 3 Sizzli Special

The 2 for 3 Sizzli special is one of the best breakfast sandwich specials on the market.

Wawa’s 2 for 3 Sizzli special run by Wawa is one of my favorite specials of all time. You get 2 breakfast sandwiches, that usually cost $2.59 for 1, for 3 bucks. I usually don’t want to eat 2 sandwiches in the morning but I love taking advantage of the special because I save the second one for the next day. Plus, anyone who goes to Wawa knows that the customizable coffee is what separates it from other places like Dunkin Donuts. I love being able to put as much milk and sugar into my coffee as I want instead of being at the mercy of some half wit brewing a full pot of coffee. So with the combination of the 2 for $3 and the great coffee, I’m in breakfast heaven. I will usually visit Wawa two times a week when this deal is ongoing. I don’t know exactly but I suspect it runs for about 2 weeks and it’s done every few months.

My biggest gripe is that the 2 for $3 is what these Sizzli’s should cost. $2.59 is too much for a Sizzli. My standard D&D breakfast is bagel with cream cheese, glazed doughnut, and a medium coffee for $4.82. When I get the Wawa deal it comes out to be almost exactly the same. When they don’t run the special, it costs close to 7 bucks which in my mind is too much. I put my foot down paying 7 bucks for breakfast. 5 is OK, 7 makes me feel like I’m overpaying. That’s why I blow my load when I get a 2 for 3 deal and pay what I usually pay for breakfast and get 2 SIZZLI’S! and the coffee I like more. I’m sad to see it end. Anyone else love the 2 for 3 as much as I do?

I prefer the biscuit sausage egg and cheese, then the croissant, then the bagel. All bacon sandwiches are worse than the sausage because for some reason they don’t have the right formula for the microwaved bacon. I would never feel comfortable with the pork rolls. Plus you always want the fresh ones, they taste the best.