Acura TL – The “New Car” Makeover

I leased a “new” car about 3 weeks ago. Basically, I ended my lease on an 09′ Acura TL a few months early and moved into a new 12′ TL. My monthly payments were reduced and I only had to put down 500 bucks which wasn’t much money up front. Another big benefit from doing this is because my front windshield took a hit and had a crack in it which they didn’t charge me for. Also, the brakes on my 09′ car were starting to go which would have cost me 200 bucks. All in all, I thought the timing was perfect and I was happy to get a new car. Funny thing is the 12′ car is the same as the 09’s car.

The salesmen say that this 12′ model gets better gas mileage and is shorter up front but I can’t tell the difference. All I notice is that the tank is a few gallons bigger and now I get more miles per tank, the gas consumption is the same for all I know. The interior is identical as the 09′ model and even the control panel and all the buttons are the same. They could have sold me a 09′ car, called it a 12′ and I would have no idea. Am I making an issue over nothing? In 3 years the developers at Acura didn’t feel the need to change a thing to their best selling vehicle. I feel like I got duped. Fortunately I didn’t think the old car was that bad so I’m not really complaining as much as I am explaining. Just very interesting.