1.29.17 – Ran 5 miles.

1.26.17 – Managed 40 minutes at 8.0 on the Rolling Hills workout. Didn’t feel great but was happy to get the miles  and minutes in.

1.25.17 – 5 miles in exactly 30 minutes. This was after 9 days of inactivity so it was good to get back into it.

1.15.17 – Ran 5 miles on the treadmill but has a few too many drinks the previous night.

1.14.17 – Ran 3 hard miles because I was in a time crunch.

1.7.17 – Didn’t feel great but still managed to run for 30+ minutes at around 6:20 pace.

1.5.17 – Ran 42 minutes and covered 6 miles on the Mountain Peaks workout. The calories burned were right around 930 which means it’s harder than the Rolling Hills. I was pretty tired towards the end and couldn’t make the 7-9 climb one more time at 8.5 mph.

1.4.17 – Ran 42 minutes and covered 6 miles on the Rolling Hills work. The calories burned were almost 900 as I ran at 8.5 the entire way and then closed with a spring at the end.

1.3.17 – Didn’t feel my best and only ran 3+ miles at a normal pace.

1.1.17 – Ran 7 or so miles to the Kelly Dr trail. Ran a 5:45 with the wind at my back for one of the miles. Felt fine.