12.31.16 – Did a slow 4 mile run just so I didn’t feel like a piece of shit.

12.28.16 – Ran 48:15 and covered 6.6 miles on the Rolling Hills workout. The calories burned ended up being 1,000 (my stop point). I felt pretty good and the pace probably averaged 8.3mph.

12.23.16 – Ran for 53:50 and covered 7+ miles. Ran 17:16 out to the Kelly Drive trail. Went 3:00, 2:54, 2:57, 3:35, and closed a 5:26 mile. Came home in 18:38. Really felt good and need to make sure I write in this log immediately after the run for the best details.

12.22.16 – Did Mountain Hills on the treadmill at 8.5 mph. Quit around 33 minutes, took a short break, and ran a quarter at 75 pace.

12.21.16 – Ran in the morning prior to eating. Ran 5 miles in 30.03 on a flat treadmill. Didn’t feel terrific but gutted through it.

12.19.16 – Ran rolling hills at 8.5mph for 43 minutes and burned 850+ calories. Nice workout.

12.18.16 – Ran before brunch and did 5 miles at a 6:30 pace on flat ground. Didn’t feel great from the Citywide’s at Revolutions the prior day.

12.16.16 – Ran 5 miles in 30 minutes on a flat treadmill.

12.15.16 – Ran 41 minutes on Mountain Peaks workout at 8.4 mph. I ended up burning near 900 calories and ran 5.75 miles. An average person cannot do this. I’m getting into + shape right now.

12.13.16 – Ran 40 minutes on the Rolling Hills workout at 8.4. I finished at 5.5 miles and burning 850 calories. Feeling stronger each hard workout but I’m also getting a twinge in my Achilles which I’m keeping my eye on and refuse to push too hard.

12.12.16 – Lousy run over the Ben Franklin Bridge and back. Had no energy.

12.10.16 – Didn’t feel great after a night of drinking and bowling but still managed over 5 miles at a decent pace. I started slow and ended up finished with a sub 6 mile so no real complaints but not all out.

12.8.16 – Weird workout on the treadmill experimenting with the other workout features. Only did 30 minutes and didn’t push myself too hard.

12.5.16 – Ran 30 minutes on the Rolling Hill workout at 8.4 mph. I felt average and didn’t want to push myself up the last little stretch. I stopped and then ran a half at 6 minute pace and called it a day.

12.3.16 – It was probably 40 degrees in the Pocono’s and I went for a 7 mile run. It wasn’t fast by any means but I felt fine during it even though my big toe was bothering me after pushing it on a treadmill a few days earlier.