Both of my brothers were the only people who came up with the correct answer of 29,178. 9 girls with 9 packs EACH. Means 81 packs. 9 Big cats times 81 packs is 729 big cats. 9 small cat per big cat makes 6,561 small cats. (6561 x 4 legs) + (729 x 4 legs) + (9 x 2) = 29,178
There are no tricks to this word problem, just basic math. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get the right answer, we all can’t be as smarts as the Stortz’s. (Can you have apostrophe s after z?)

I’m beginning to feel like a fool and tool for posting pictures of my stomach daily. I really haven’t noticed much change from Monday and I’m beginning to think my amazing results I was expecting aren’t too amazing. Nevertheless, Day 4 below.
I was 10 seconds better yesterday in a 4 mile run finishing it in 23:10. I have no doubt I can hit under 23 on the treadmill. I probably won’t be going to the gym today because Thursday night football is on and a bet is most likely taking place. I’m going to take the home team with the points and root like a wildman for TO. Chad has him on his fantasy team and I need a everything to play out perfectly, like the eagles to the playoffs last year, to take place for me to make the playoffs and his W is a key component. I also have to save some money for the Florida-Alabama game. I think I’m pulling for Alabama because they usually pay the bills and I want to see Tebow lose.