I binge watched Making a Murderer in a 3 day blitz last week.  I was hooked immediately by the plight of Steve Avery and his interaction with the Manitowoc police county. If you haven’t watched it, this post will spoil your fun because I’m going to give my candid thoughts on my feelings throughout. Repeat, don’t read if you haven’t watched it and want to.  Also, Serial should stop because this was 100x better. I will be watching Jynx.


Where is the Blood? How’d the Key Get there?

Oh look, There's a key there after 3 months of searching.

Oh look, There’s a key there after 3 months of searching.

Steve Avery shot Teresa Halbach in the head and managed to produce hardly any blood at the crime scene in a garage that had 1,000 items in it. You’d think some blood would find its way somewhere on an item. Steve’s blood in the car is also mysterious because prosecution is saying it is coming from a cut on his hands, yet there are no fingerprints anywhere, which means he was wearing gloves, which makes getting blood anywhere challenging. The inconsistency of the blood alone is mysterious.

The key is so absurd that I don’t even know where to being. It’s lying right on the floor. The explanation is that a bureau shifted and it fell into sight. It has only Avery’s DNA on it and it was being used by Halbach for all her life.  How does this even happen?


Mike “the total idiot” Halbach

100% Fake cry

100% Fake cry

Talk about the person I hated the most.  The critical time when I knew he was a shithead was when he said that Branden was guilty without even watching the interrogation. Mike knows more than just that his sister was killed. He is caught up in this conspiracy and I want to punch him right in the face every time he takes the screen.


These Judges and the State of Wisconsin

The Idiot Judge Willis

The Idiot Judge Willis

Judge Willis should be judged on his being a judge.  I’ve never thought so many times is this guy for real making this ruling?  This is our judicial system? He’s supposed to be the most honest and fair person and I’m not sure he’d beat Brendan in chess.

fbiAfter watching the interrogation of Brendan, (this isn’t judge Willis) the judge ruled that the confession was obtained lawfully. This is hard to believe for any normal person. It took Branden giving the judge a confession of what really happened that day to make “some” charges go away. The State also ruled that Brendan had to keep Kachinsky as his lawyer when Brenden clearly says his lawyer “thinks he’s guilty.” It’s like they say that we take him seriously when he “confesses” but we don’t take him seriously when he wants to get rid of our shill. To talk about the caption to the right is also hilarious.  They made up the test and the judge allowed it. LOL!.


Len the Pawn

lenFunniest character on the show.  That’s how I would phrase Len Kachinsky.  The State had to be cracking up to themselves how they found the perfect person for this part.  How about the time when he started his press conference and had to restart? Or his perfectly combed hair?  Think about what he did. He allowed Brenden to be interrogated without his presence. Then he hired his own private investigator to get a statement out of Brendan. This guy had no interest in protecting his client and was a shill for the State. His 2016 statement, is that he may have made a mistake.



He would have confessed after 18 years!

steven-avery-a-1024This is the part of why I believe Steve Avery.  He could have been released from prison in a shorter period of time if he confessed.  He went 18 years without confessing and then was found innocent. That’s 18 years of him saying he didn’t do it and then not actually doing it. His murder trial was more of the same, “I didn’t do it.” With all of the evidence piled up against Steve, I felt there was more evidence piled up against the State.  Steve was once again saying he didn’t do it, and call me and idiot, but I believe him.


When You Actually Frame the Person You Are Framing



Interrogating Brendan

brendaninterogationC’mon now.  You’re making this hard on us. Be honest. Just a few lines you hear repeatedly from the investigators.  This next line of questioning is great.

I: Something with her head. Brendan?  What did he make you do?  We know he made you do something else.  What was it? We have the evidence.  We just need you to be honest.
B: That he cut off her hair?
I: What else?
B: That he punched her?
I: What else?
B: He cut her?
I: Where?
B: On her throat?
I: What else happens? Extremely, Extremely important that you tell us this. We know, we just need you to tell us.
B: That’s all I can remember.
I: Who shot her in the head?
B: He did.
I: Why didn’t you tell us that? Now you remember it?
B:… I have a question. Do you think I will be out before 1:29? I have a project due.


“Brendan Dassey’s convictions are entirely based on his confessions, as no physical evidence was found confirming his statements or linking him to the homicide.” This is what infuriates the public.


Ken Kratz – Snake of Snakes

fuckedupThis Press Conference.  1 year before the trial, Ken Kratz fabricated this story for the public that Steve Avery raped and killed Teresa Halbach.  This ruined the integrity of the entire case by leaning the public to one side. Was there anyone disliked more than Ken Kratz? His calm, nasally,  soothing, “I’m going to fuck you in the ass” voice made me want to hurl. When you know as much as this guy does about what is actually transpiring, and you still do your job to prosecute the innocent, you are truly an asshole.