I picked up some lingo from the OchoCinco show on Vh1. When you are saying goodbye to someone you can tell them to “stay easy.” If I sat there with a pen and some paper I could probably jot down everything these guys say and it would bring my coolness level up considerably. When Ocho and T.O were all dressed in their tuxes and nice outfits, I made the comment there is no way in hell I could ever look as cool as these guys do. The black outfits on the black guys works a bit better than white outfits on white guys. Also when TO used the word “interesting” to answer some question, it is pretty much the easiest word to use to make you sound like you’re listening. “What did you think about …”. “It was interesting.” From the other person’s point of view it sounds like you understand, but in fact you said nothing at all. Anytime someone tries to give me an answer “interesting,” I’m going to immediately follow up with a why. I actually used it on the phone today at work and it works wonders with people you don’t know because it is such a good answer. Sometimes on the phone I get caught up trying to think of a word and it’s not coming to me so I just blurt out something stupid and both people know you said something stupid but it’s easier to not acknowledge it and just hang up. That’s why it’s good to have a couple of go to phrases like interesting.

I also watched Law Abiding Citizen tonight with Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler. I’m going to spoil it for you if you didn’t see it so don’t read further if you intend to watch it. I thought the first hour was really entertaining when I thought that Clyde had other people helping him run the show from prison, but when I found out he had an underground tunnel?!?! in the jail cell, it just comes off as sort of dumb. Far fetched to say the least. I was amused though and even though it certainly isn’t a 4 star movie it didn’t bore me for the 1 hour 48 minutes. Certainly not one that I would watch again though although I liked how it was set in Philly. Mayor Nutter even had a cameo and I liked when they were driving down Market St because it hits close to home. Worth a watch for amusement but not a good movie.

I’m starting to feel a bond to the city of Philadelphia. I remember when I was going to Pitt, I never felt like I was from Pittsburgh and the feeling never grew. I was born and raised in Philly (suburbs…) and I really can’t see myself going anywhere else. I have walk in customers for my business that I’ve grown to like who are South Philly. The people I engage with on a daily basis grow to like you and remember you. The bum who opens the door at Dunkin Doughnuts knows my name (yeah sheee you know who I’m talking about). I really like the size because it’s not too big and not too small. I’ve been to New York and it’s just an overwhelming amount of people. I like how I’m from where the nation was established and I don’t speak with any accent. I like how other cities try to copy the Philly Cheese Steak and how easy it is to make and how terribly places butcher it. I like driving in on Kelly Drive, also a good spot to run, and passing the Art Museum and the Rocky steps everyday. I don’t even experience the city as much as I should but I feel some loyalty to it. I like how we support our winning sports teams and boo our losers. There’s not much to this other than I saw it in the movie and I like how Philadelphia represents.

If you haven’t listened to this Mel Gibson rant, you are seriously missing out. It was gripping from second 1. The part where he says “smile, and blow me,” is just too much to take. Talk about a guy whose had too much to drink. He has some funny lines though and I just want to keep anyone who reads this blog in the loop of great things that celebrities do.

Phil’s 5k is tomorrow and I checked my time from last year and saw it was 17:30 something and I was pretty surprised I was in that good of shape last year. I’m not really sure what to expect as I think my training has been off as of late but I feel pretty thin at 172. The 3 miles won’t be tough on my air but I hope my legs will be strong at a pace that I’m usually not used to running. Anything under last years time is an accomplishment.