Ylvis – What the Fox Say

I came across this video from a friend who shared it on Facebook and thought it was post worthy. I don’t think I find what other people find interesting about this video though. My initial thought is that people will find the video funny because “what the hell does a fox say” is an interesting thought. They’ll get comedic value out of all the odd sounds and funny dances for what a fox may say. For me it’s more along the lines of, “why are guys from Norway, making a song in English, with high production value about the sound that a fox makes.” Obviously America is the biggest opportunity in terms of benefiting financially from something unique. I get that, but the term “selling out” strikes me as something Europeans wouldn’t exactly be proud of. Plus the name of the group (or guy) is Ylvis which I have to think is pronounced similar to Elvis. Which makes the whole Americanization thing maybe a joke in itself. Which would mean we are getting completely mocked and he is trying to show how stupid Americans are and considering it’s gotten 14 million views, I’d say he’s right.