FanDueling to the Money

The Fanduel team below will most likely lead me to a $500 dollar cash prize, $475 net. Many thanks go to the Wevs and the Wads who both played integral parts in its creation. I originally had Eric Decker and the Wads suggested Tavon Austin who not only outperformed but gave me more cap space. Then the Wevs told me, “Ike Taylor sucks” and Josh Gordon was going to go nuts which is exactly what he did. I added my main man Jamaal Charles which was the icing on the cake for a big week. The only way I don’t get first is if Frank Gore goes for 26+ points in a half point ppr. Happy days are here again. Actually I am probably down about 250 for the season in FanDuel and another 200 betting so this will bring me back to even.


The Pigskin Pickem is also providing huge entertainment as the Shee is tied for 3 in the world out of 500,000+ entries. I’m not too shabby at 226th but 8 games behind which is pretty major at this point in the season. We had the Pats last night in what can only be described as a thriller. Unfortunately, the group we are in is my brother’s work and the sheer domination from outside competition isn’t my intention. The Shee and I have a tie-breaker set up for tonight (both going the Niners obviously) that will have one of us winning 8 of 12 weeks? I seriously feel bad.

As a football themed post, my fantasy teams are almost all finished with an outside chance of hitting the 6th spot but that’s mostly wishful thinking. The Wild Turkeys need everything to go right next week but that is what happened last year so I still have hope. I don’t have much of an explanation for why I was so terrible this year but it’s just the was the cookie crumbles in fantasy. A few players on the shit list though are Steven Jackson, Run DMC, Dwayne Bowe, Trent Richardson, and Doug Martin. The players I love this year are Cam, Jamaal, Josh Gordon, and Kendell Wright is slowly creeping up the ranks. Rough season though.

To finish this post I will write about our intramural co-ed football team playoff game. To keep is simple, we got rolled by what was, frankly speaking, a better team. It wasn’t all that much fun losing. They hit open spots and their players didn’t make mistakes and our offense wasn’t as sharp as theirs. Tough season. We’ve never been able to climb back to the summit of our very first season what was probably 4 years ago.