Upper Dublin 10 Year High School Reunion

Yes its been 10 years since I’ve graduated High School. Time doesn’t seem to be slowing down much. On Friday night we had the reunion at Ladder 15 in Philadelphia. I met the Rock and Larry down at the Fieldhouse at 4:30pm to watch some college football. I had a few beers and then we went to eat dinner at the Palm. The Rock had a hotel room at the Bellevue which was conveniently next to Ladder 15. We showed up at a little bit before 8pm and were literally the first people there. In a night that you know ahead of time is going to be awkward this made it worse. People started showing up and things actually were unpredictably fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I really enjoyed myself. I’d say it was probably one of the best weekend nights I’ve had in a remarkably long time. Some conversations weren’t exactly smooth but who cares because you probably won’t see them again for 5 more years. Every conversation began with “what do you *do now” so there wasn’t really any introduction needed which was nice. People who you didn’t really hang around with much in high school become your best friends. I just thought the experience was well worth it for the 50 dollars and one that doesn’t come around but every 5 years. I could use this post to go into the details of conversations I had with people and I’m sure it would be good material but I’m gonna pass on this one.