Turntable FM

Evan introduced me to this site and I’m pretty hooked. The basic idea is that you take turns DJ’ing. I know I have a lot of friends out there that listen to music and I think this is an absolutely fantastic way to listen to new sounds. I’ve been using the site for the past 2 hours and you really hear a lot of quality tunes that you either forgot about or never heard. Plus you can jump around so you never have to get stuck in one room. I think it would be cool if we started our own room of people we knew and took turns choosing songs. Gusto, Evan, and I were picking songs from the 90’s rock era today for a while and it’s pretty interesting to hear what other people choose. You even rate the songs which makes for more fun. It’s through facebook so I’m pretty sure you can find me through there if you ever want to listen to music together. The site is still relatively new so I’m sure it will just grow in popularity, although there are a few bugs in the software.

*My Room is Titled – Rock and Roll