Compelling Thought

The Thinker

I was laying in bed last night stroking my ego when it occurred to me that the last post I made about LeSean and BodyArmor was lame. It’s the type of post that although it’s an original idea, doesn’t hold its weight as thought provoking. I’m aware that some people don’t visit webpages because they want to challenge their brain but the idea of getting people to think is a good indicator of whether the post is good. Does the post make my audience pause and consider what I’ve written? This is why there are all different types of webpages and everyone has their own style of delivering information. Some people tell stories, some give advice, some share the news, and others attempt to make you laugh. This blog tends to be a combination of all which is why it gets lost in cyberspace.

After this revelation that the last post sucked I decided to think about what other people find intriguing. One topic that always strikes people is gossip. People are fascinated by what other people are doing. If I made a post that gave my honest opinion about any inside information I had on every person I knew, people would be curious. Would I ever do this? No. As much as a blog is public information, spreading info in a public setting destroys private relationships. Nevertheless, this example leads us to something powerful.

For this blog to work, I have to share information with the audience that everyone can relate to. People can relate to people because they deal with them on a daily basis. The idea of how people communicate and the internal thought process is what I find compelling. There are so many different types of interactions that each is unique and carries it’s own feel. If I talk with someone about fantasy football and he’s never participated, we won’t be able to have a conversation because the entire time I’m going to be thinking that this guy is an idiot. How you perceive someone determines what type of communication you gear yourself towards. With this in mind, consider how every single individual has their own thoughts on each and every situation. So how I perceive something (the correct way) may be different than how you perceive something (the incorrect way if you differ from me). THIS IS THE MOST INTERESTING THING TO TRY TO UNDERSTAND BECAUSE IT IS NEVER CONSISTENT.

My “good” idea for a post is to turn a real life situation with a person I know, turn them anonymous, and then go through the back and forth thought from my perspective. This is a situation that every single person on this Earth can relate to and would have an interest. I’d be sharing my personal insight of how my brain works and what I think about in certain situations. People will find this interesting because they can then decide for themselves if they agree or disagree with how I look at it. Here’s a hypothetical example:

I was watching TV last night with the lights in the living room on. JC walked in the room and asked me I wanted the lights off. I’m well aware he hates when the lights are on in this room yet I hate watching TV with the lights off. What I don’t understand though is why he doesn’t like the lights on? If it prevented him from sleeping or he was nocturnal, maybe I could understand but it’s neither from what I observe. I clearly answered, “no, I like the lights. You’ve asked me that multiple times before and my answer doesn’t change.” My internal mind thinks, “there has to be something else to this lights thing other than the selfish idea that everyone thinks like he does.”

Not the best example but I think it shows the points I’m making of how different people view the same situation with contrasting views. More to come. I’d also be curious if my audience agrees or disagrees with this notion that most people find other people the most engrossing topic.