Storage Wars Characters – Further Observation

A more general opinion on these characters is found in this previous post.
Dave Hester – He’s become my favorite character. He seems to be the most knowledgeable and the best at the bidding process. He doesn’t bid until the end to see how serious the other bidders are. If a guy started the bid at 100 and it’s up to 1,000 and he’s still bidding, Dave has an idea what he’s dealing with and he haven’t given away any of his own bidding agenda. His attitude is also professional and he has an eye for spotting valuable merchandise. Easily the smartest character on the show and shows it episode after episode with big profits. A good example was when he was bidding on the boxes from China. There were about a 100 boxes in there and he figured to ship that amount of goods cost 4-5 thousand bucks. No one is spending that much money to ship unless there is merchandise worth value. He spent 9k for the locker and it turned out to be 20k of profit. I especially liked how he shot down Mark in the bidding process. Mark is used to upping it 100 bucks or so but when Dave started boosting it a grand at a time, he backed down quickly. He almost makes the show unfair as only Barry really has a shot against him and that’s just by getting lucky.

Jarrod and Brandi – Dumb luck is the key to their success. They just seem to get lucky with certain purchases. I’ve already wrote that they benefit the most from being on the show so it doesn’t really matter how successful they are bidding on lockers. Brandi will probably be offered to do a porno for tens of thousands of dollars which would be easy money and publicity. They are good for the show though because they bring some personality.

Barry – He’s obviously worth millions of dollars. He has new cars on every episode and doesn’t really care about selling the small goods. He’s looking for antiques and collectables that are worth thousands of dollars. This causes him to bid on a lot of mystery. He’ll see a hole in the wall or a locked trunk and start bidding up the locker because of the possibility of something good. He’s good for the show because he is willing to spend money if he starts getting curious.

Darrell – Easily the worst character. He seems to have decent knowledge but he’s too much of a cheapskate and doesn’t have any balls. His personality is that of a big, dumb oaf. I have a hard time taking him seriously with that weird tan.

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Storage Wars Characters

Further thoughts on Storage War’s characters found here.

On Wednesday when the new Storage Wars airs my blog traffic goes through the roof. If you don’t watch the show, it’s on from 10-11 and is a bidding game on storage lockers. Here are some thoughts on the characters.

Jarrod and Brandi Schultz

I’ve already wrote about how Brandi is the best looking person on the show and she is seemingly getting hotter by the week. She stays skinny, has a nice rack and a pretty face. The relationship between the two is kind of unique as they seem to “put up” with one another. I just want to point out if you watched tonight’s episode when Jarrod dropped the boxes on Brandi. His attitude of I didn’t drop the boxes on you, they just fell on you is complete garbage. He can easily avoid any confrontation by saying he’s sorry instead of it wasn’t his fault. I like how Brandi acts all prissy and won’t search through garbage. These two will make just as much money from the publicity as they make from the units on the show.


Barry is growing on me. He’s sort of eccentric and can take a joke. He is willing to spend money on a units potential and he seems to find the most bizarre items. His rivalry with Mark and how intense he gets makes me like him even more. He actually has personality and is good for the show. His gloves and the wild cars he drives should show you that he needs to be different.

Darrell & Brandon Sheets

Easily the worst character on the show. Not his son, but Darrell is constantly talking shit and always walking away from the auction with nothing. Talks the talk, doesn’t walk the walk. He comes off as thinking he is always outsmarting people but is really just too much of a pussy to bid on units. He’s too tight to the vest and should leave the show.

Dave Hester

YEEEEEEUUUUPPPPPP! I really find Dave to be the wisest and most willing to spend cash for lockers that have potential. He seems to make out on almost every unit and he doesn’t get involved in the bidding until the end. Basically he waits to see what people are willing to pay and than he jumps in. The way he needles Jarrod and Barry is great. He’s low key and seems to win. I like his style on the show.


He’s great for the show. He has cash behind him. He’s willing to spend. He bids up the units to irritate the characters. He’s probably not always paying the best price for the lockers but he makes it interesting. Plus I was happy the way he got down and dirty when he was going through the locker. The fact he thought a Nintendo was worth 13,000 and it was only 10 should say something about his ability to spot deals.

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