Luke Wilson’s Running Form

Brookes can be thanked for showing me the movie Idiocracy. When I was watching this afternoon I noticed this impressive running form by Luke Wilson and thought to myself that this isn’t some low brow runner.


A bit out of shape, Luke?

A bit out of shape, Luke?

A simple search for Luke Wilson Track and Field resulted in a Let’s Run forum. I also found this story by a poster:

Luke ran 49.86 FAT for 400, which is not actually a school record but is more like 5th on the list. The record is 48.76 FAT by a guy named Greg Hutton during Luke’s junior year in 1989. Luke did run 48.9 on the 4 x 4 his junior year. He also ran 1:54.99 FAT as a senior in 1990, which is still the school record. A guy named Jeremy Downs ran 1:54.93 hand timed in 1995, but of course that’s really a 1:55.0, which is inferior to Luke’s time. Luke also ran that 48.9 second leg on the 4 x 4 school record of 3:21.38 FAT in 1989 and contributed a 1:57.9 anchor on the 4 x 8 school record of 8:04.2 hand timed in 1989.

Was this post right up your alley, Sam?