I Can’t Make This Racist Stuff Up

streetviewToday I’m driving up on 4th street (the right side of the picture) and hit an intersection that has two stop signs.  It’s not a 4 way because both ways are one way.  There is a big bus on my right and he is going through the intersection.  There is no car waiting at the front view of the picture at this point.  I barely breeze the brakes and as I’m doing so a Cadillac pulls up to the other stop sign and he barely breezes the breaks.  I had made up my mind at that point and was not relenting and I owned the car in the game of chicken.

As soon as it happened the guy starts tailing me which I didn’t think to much of because I was going to be turning anyway.  I make a left down a side street and he does too and starts to pull up to the side of me on a 2 way street.  Not wanting to floor it and get into a bizarre street chase, I slowed down and rolled down my window.  He says, “You just ran that stopped sign and I bet you said some racist shit.”


Not the actual vehicles.


At first I was in disbelief and ready to start cracking up because I’m not sure how I could have identified his race in the split second I was running the stop sign.  So instead of getting into an argument with a hot head who looked like Idris Elba, I decided to do the smart thing and say, “We both got there at the same time, I’m sorry.”  I got the feeling he wanted the situation to escalate but it’s hard to carry on when someone diffuses a situation in a calm manner.

amoils-road-rageHe then drove off and I followed him down the side street that I work on.  He took this as I was looking for further confrontation and pulled over to the side and got out of his car.  I drove passed, opened my garage door, and went to work.

The race card is not a concept I experience very often.  I don’t have prejudice towards anyone but today I witnessed a person who drives around constantly thinking the world is against him.  It’s tough to grasp not being the one who feels racial tension but it is certainly evident in the world today.