WhereWhitePeopleMeet.com Fights Reverse Racism

Creating WhereWhitePeopleMeet.com sparks outrage

I guess she's Spanish so she can't join.

I guess she’s Spanish so she can’t join.

OK Kiersten Nunez. Looking good.  There she is next to the “go fuck yourself” racism billboard. How did one man in Utah make local, and then national news by creating a dating site titled wherewhitepeoplemeet.com?


Reverse Racism Attacked

Sam Russell was home sick one day and noticed network TV being bombarded by ads for specific dating sites. He decided to do take matters into his own hands and give a huge fuck you to discrimination. What makes this story even more fascinating is he started this in a town in Utah that is 90% white.

Sam Russell, founder of Where White People Meet

Sam Russell, founder of Where White People Meet

How well did this promotion work? Well, there were 5 starting members…and now there are over 2,000. His servers have been flooded with traffic.

Love this. A guy got fed up with whereblackpeoplemeet, farmersonly, and hispanicswholovetacos.com. and used it to say that white people can do the same.

“This is 2016,” he said. “You think a lot of those issues we should be able to move past. We should be able to move past the sensitivity, not get offended every time we hear some word you don’t think is politically correct.”

1913126-graphic-art-showing-boy-and-girl-holding-handsThe spokesperson for colored people said that she didn’t feel like it was a hate group.  She’s right.  It’s just a guy who used smart marketing to grow a business.  If other groups can do it, so can white people.

The problem people have with this idea is that there are 390 million people in the US and over 290 million of them are white.  This means that whenwhereblackpeoplemeet is created, they are in the minority and you can’t call them racist.  Minorities can’t be racist.  This guy basically said, well if you’re not racist, we’re not racist.  Tell me I’m being racist because I’m doing exactly what you are doing.  Is he committing any crime?  Any one can join, as he says, but they probably won’t want to. He’s testing the waters and I, as a white person, really don’t give a shit.   Neither should you unless your goal is to ban every group’s dating websites…which would be an odd life goal.