My 5 Fears

 Don’t Be a Scaredy Cat!

scaredy cat
I’d like to think that I’m a tough guy but it’s not always the case.  There’s something about conquering fears that make you accomplished throughout your life.  Fears and leaving your comfort zone is growth in life.  Even knowing this, there are still a few things that make me shudder and it’s possible I’ll always have some fear of them.

The Fears


Workers on BridgeI hate the idea of being high enough off the ground that if you fall, you die.   This includes roofs, ladders, roller coasters, tall buildings, or airplanes.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t do things that include high heights, they just make me uncomfortable.  I sell roofing tools for a living and almost every roofer I know has some instance of falling.  There’s a reason why your body gives you the heebie jeebies every time you look down from somewhere high.  It’s because instinctively you know that one mistake is the end.



I dislike the idea of getting fried.  I don’t like being around lightning or unplugging electronics from old outlets.  A surge of electricity running through my body is not ideal.  I don’t even like turning off lights when my hands have water on them.  I’ve changed bulbs and ballasts in the past and I will always turn off the circuit because there is always a possibility of a shock if it’s not off. Benjamin Franklin can suck a d.



I can’t stand the idea of living my life for a figure that probably doesn’t even exist.  I accept all responsibility for myself and people who believe in God place all responsibility on God.   I’ve heard crazy talk like, this job I got is going to go well because god wants it to.  No!  The job will go well if you work hard and do it properly.  God doesn’t interfere because you say so.  I’m sure there are millions of people who live better lives because of their religious beliefs but there has to be some understanding of being grounded verses being reliant on a supernatural being.  People do crazy shit for their religious beliefs and that’s a scary thing.



I hate snakes.  The idea behind a slithering reptile that can inject you with enough poison to kill you is plenty reason enough for me to stay away.  They are so low to the floor and fast as lightning that if I were ever in a life or death situation with a snake, I’d run.  I suppose you can grab it’s tale and give it a good helicopter toss but snakes are something I’d rather never have to deal with in my life time.  Each year in America some 6,000 to 8,000 people report venomous snakebite injuries, most by rattlesnakes.  This isn’t a huge number and only 10 or so actually die but let’s keep it that way.



UncertaintyEasily the top fear.  Not knowing what is coming is the scariest thing on Earth. One day everything is going great and the next you get hit by a bus.  No one knows.  Uncertainly is what makes life both the best and the worst.  Uncertainty is always in the back of the mind though because it has to be prepared for.  It’s probably a paralyzing thought that shouldn’t enter one’s mind but at least being aware of it can’t be bad.


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Drawing the Religious Line

Poor brainwashed sap

Poor brainwashed sap

Here is a story about a Kentucky cross country runner who withdrew from a race that could have qualified her for states because her bib number was 666. Junior Codie Thacker of Whitley County High and her coach, Gina Croley, said they tried to get a different number for the regional meet from three different officials but were denied each time. “I didn’t want to risk my relationship with God and try to take that number,” Thacker said, adding that she’s been training since June for this race. “I was so nervous, I thought about it all week.”

I usually stay away from religion and politics because I know little about them and many people are sensitive about these issues. However, this story struck a chord with me because this is where reality clashes with a religious belief and the person makes the wrong decision. The decision making behind not running because of a number on your chest is illogical. You’ve trained since June to run this race which is a lot of hard work. This is the 3rd year in a row you are running this race which shows that it’s not just some pie in the sky idea. As a human being, without bringing God into play, you like doing cross county and it means something to you. Now you are given a number that coincides with the devil and a thought goes off that this number is evil and you won’t wear it while you run. I was under the impression that most religious people believe that God is almighty and he guides your path. Which in turn would mean that God is putting this number in front of you to wear and by not wearing it, you are going away from God’s path. Do you see where I’m going with this?

This girl isn’t using her brain. She’s letting religion do her thinking and it’s dangerous. Religion is actually preventing her from accomplishing her goals in this case. I can’t wrap my head around the idea that individual people let religion interfere with their life. I have no problem with religion and if makes you act and feel like a better person, I’m all for it, but when it has taken over your mind to the point that you can’t wear a bib with the number 666 on it, you’ve gone overboard. If I had to tell you what scares me the most about religious people, it’s this. They lose their sense of self. You get 75 years on Earth and there are 7 billion other people doing the same thing you are doing. Letting religion supersede living life and doing things you enjoy doing is not a lifestyle I conform to. Nor should it be preached. I’d be curious what religious people think about this story. Is she going overboard or fully justified?

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