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tom im glad you are so into gaslight anthem! (just heard they have two shows in philly coming up this fall!) the reason you hear all those songs broadcast on satellite radio is they are not regulated by the same rules terrestrial radio is. thats why they can play songs we cant and say things we cant.
so again this isnt about us “spending money” to play songs. (that would be completely illegal) we are are not allowed BY LAW to play some songs. record labels can, and will, sue radio stations for playing music they dont want on the radio. for example, johnny got a copy of one of green day’s new songs months ago and played it on the air. that day we received a call from green day’s management warning us not to play it again. had we played it again we would have received a cease and desist legal notice. if we pushed it further they would have sued. so perhaps your problem is not with radio but with record labels.
as of right now ‘great expectations’ ’59 sound’ and ‘old white lincoln’ are the only singles from gaslight anthem. we’ll try to play them.

Whoever writes this has no education. If Gaslight Anthem takes off on Radio104.5, you can thank me.

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Dear Radio104.5

I wrote this email to them and I’ll keep the correspondence updated.

Dear Radio104.5,

I think that your station plays the best music in the Philadelphia area however I have a few complaints / suggestions.  First off, anytime you are considering playing Pork and Beans, Buddy Holly or Beverly Hills by Weezer, please don’t.  These songs are ancient and there are plenty of other good Weezer song’s that you guys hardly ever play including Surf Wax America, My name is Jonas, Say it ain’t so, Island in the Sun, and Hash Pipe.  Other songs to never play is Viva La Vida, Paralyzer (still, I mean cmon), Gives you Hell, or the Pretender.  When you get the urge to play one of these songs play something by the Gaslight Anthem.  Channel 47 on XM has already started to play Old White Lincoln and you guys are completely missing the boat, although you did play a new Modest Mouse song today which was a wise move.  Here is a good song to play (2:08 to 2:30 is awesome) (I’ll embed it below).  Listen to me, ( I’m writing this like John Travolta says “look at me” in Get shorty) this band will make your listeners keep coming back to your station.  Also, I don’t know who the comedian is at your station but I was listening today and you were playing Zombie by The Cranberries.  At the one point in the song where it goes “your violence causes silence…”, someone turned the sound off when they were about to sing word silence.  I mean it’s really hysterical but probably unnecessary.   I really think your station is the best around, especially the one minute commercials, so keep up the good work and listen to my good advice.

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