I Know I Won’t Like You – Poker Edition


I was watching some poker recently and a few players caught my attention as people I won’t like.  I can break down whether I like someone pretty quickly based on how “real” they appear.  I like Phil Helmuth even though he berates players and thinks they’re idiots because that’s just who he is.  These below players though rub me the wrong way.

Brian Hastings AdBrian Hastings – How big of a hole are you in, bro?  I count 4 ads on your shirt in a tight area.  This is the definition of selling out.  Advertisers come up to you because they know you’ll be on TV and they’ll give you X amount of dollars to wear their patch.  It’s not enough that you have a chance to win $7.5 million dollars that you have to take a couple grand and turn yourself into a tool.   Sell out, for me oh yeah.

Phil-LaakPhil Laak – The epitome of stupidity.  This genius actually wears these goggles when he plays.  If this isn’t being starved for attention, I don’t know.  There’s no way he can see better with those on.  They don’t enhance his ability to play better.  They only make him look like an idiot which I suppose could play to his advantage as his opponents obviously think this.  What a loser.

Scott Seiver

Scott Seiver

Scott Seiver – He was recently on the Super High Roller Tournament ($500,000 buyin) staring down Brian Rast like a complete douchebag.  You have to watch it to believe it and I looked for the clip and couldn’t find it.  There were 4 players at the table and he was sitting side by side with Brian Rast.  When the flop was dealt, he just stared at Rast waiting for him to make a move.  I don’t mind looking at the player rather than the cards.  I do mind when you stare directly at your opponent for 2 minutes in a state that screams, “I’m trying to intimidate you.”