The Open Was Electric

The Clarett Jug

The Clarett Jug

I didn’t watch much of the Open aside from the last 5 holes and it was riveting. 2 players who were far better than the field competing neck and neck. Phil’s up and down on 17 was unbelievable. Stenson was unflappable. These guys were sharing an attribute that no one else on the entire planet has. You have to think that there was a reason why Phil and Henrik were so much better then everyone else.

  • philandhenrickCompetition – These two were in the final group for 2 days straight and they must have leveled each other up a few notches. Henrik made history that hasn’t been done in 43 years by shooting a 63 in the final round of a major.
  • Camaraderie – The one part of golf that most casual fans don’t get is that as much as it’s an individual game, you are affected by your surroundings. Henrik and Phil probably had some crazy “one up” each other vibe that lead them to these insane rounds. They probably both enjoyed each other’s company and excelled as part of the synergy.
  • EFC23372A529441FAE0F5D5E13B1E509Course – Links is a bit different and it’s possible Henrik has a lot of experience with these courses because he’s from Europe and Phil is just flat out old. Who has more experience than him on the tour? Ernie Els? Vijay Singh? Speith, Day, and DJ are all young guys who maybe don’t play these types of courses. Royal Troon set up nicely for them,

Phil MickelsonThe bottom line is that I knew I was watching an epic event because I was literally smiling at the TV as Henrik sank the putt on 18 and watching people congratulate him. Tough, tough, tough break for Phil. Guy plays out of his mind and loses to a Hugo Boss model who hit almost every green in regulation and is more machine than man. I never really loved Phil’s demeanor but watching him today was tremendous. A new found respect. I’m sure most of you didn’t watch it and could care less but every so often an amazing occurrence…occurs and it’s worth sharing.

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Mickelson Pays a Debt at the Masters

Amen-Corner-Golden-Bell-24x36The Masters are in full swing with the event starting this Thursday. If you’ve been living under a rock, Tiger has withdrawn for back issues and that takes some of the luster out of it.  Either way, its a prestigious event that delivers some awesome golf for 4 days.

I came across this great story with Phil Mickelson being challenged by a fan during one of his practice rounds.  Phil overhit his tee shot on the 6th hole and was in the rough when the fan was “mouthing off that it was a ‘hard shot, get this up-and-down, no chance, blah, blah, blah'”.  Phil bet the guy 1 dollar that he could get up and down. He ended up chipping on and missing the putt and paying the man his dollar.

It’s nice to see someone pay up when they lose. Obviously Phil has millions of dollars and this bet isn’t about the money, but too often people make bets, lose, and then not pay up. All payment on bets should be made on the spot. If you run your mouth, you pay up when you lose. Any time payment isn’t made right away, the bet gets forgotten about.

Shocked-FaceAlso long term bets need to be written down because payment tends to be forgotten. 2 of these come to mind. I bet the Shee $100 dollars that Tiger Woods was going to stay with his wife for 2 years after the whole whore ordeal went down. I lost and ended up paying $66 of the $100 dollars in green’s fees. After writing this post, I rightfully owe Shee $34 dollars. The other bet was when Jeff bet that Andrew Bynum wouldn’t play another another game as a Sixer or something along those lines. As you can tell, I can’t even remember the bet so I’m sure whoever lost never paid.

This story reminds everyone that debts need to be paid or else all integrity is lost.

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