Observations of Northeast Business Trip

New_England_ancestry_by_county_-_updated Over the past 3 days I traveled over 1,000 miles and visited 8 states. Our company sells tools through distribution and I visited more than 30 distributors over the course of these 3 days. I started in Philly, then Jersey and NY, spent the night in CT, traveled all day to RI and Mass, stayed the night in NH, then drove up to the Vermont where the slate quarries are. It’s a ton of driving and not something that can be done with utmost frequency. Either way, here is a bullet list of some things I note on a trip like this.

  • Sting is played in a lot of bathrooms
  • Complimentary breakfasts in hotels are nice but food is sub-par
  • The Holiday Inn pillows of a king size bed were unbelievable
  • There are tons of Masshole drivers
  • Rhode Island shouldn’t be a state, it should be the district of Rhode Island
  • Rhode Island is the “Ocean State”
  • NH has “Live Free or Die” on their license plate
  • Geico advertises everywhere on billboards
  • New York is always shitty to drive through.
  • People in Connecticut are incredibly nice. Probably because they are so wealthy.
  • New Hampshire is filled with space
  • Bostonians are a conceded bunch
  • Dunkin Donuts rules the Northeast – There is no other competition
  • Cleaning your room before you leave is a smart idea because when you get back, you start fresh.
  • Without Sirius radio on a trip like this, I’d go nuts.
  • Don’t eat at Duchess
  • Planning is imperative for a trip like this.  I spend 4 hours plotting and it was worth every penny.  Even with a GPS, you can still make wrong turns and it’s important to know where you are going.