Newtown, Ct Shootings

I don’t think I share the same reaction as everyone who decides to express their sorrow through Facebook. How people are sad and they ask God to bless people with strength to move forward. I’m not some cold bastard who doesn’t comprehend that this is a horrifying incident, that seems to be happening more and more, but what I don’t understand is how people continuously look to God to prevent this from happening. It keeps happening, your prayers aren’t doing anything.

I try to figure out why does this keep occurring? Are gun laws too loose that these lunatics just acquire weapons and go berserk? Why are these individuals figuring that their best way out of this world is to take out 27 other people with them? It’s such a sick thought. Are they trying to get their name in the history books? Are they so depressed that they just stop caring completely or are they mentally deranged? What’s happening isn’t just a once in a while deal. These mass killings are occurring multiple times a year. The world out there is starting to feel like Rick Grimes feels like in the Walking Dead. I feel horrible for what happened but I ask, “Is there anyway to prevent someone from doing this who has no reason to live?”