Money Cometh and Goeth


I ended up winning the FanDuel for 500 bucks which was a pleasant surprise. I remember the days when 500 dollars meant something more than it does now. This is one of the horrible aspects of getting older, money loses value emotionally and in relation to expenses. In other words, this $500 dollars was spent before it even hit my bank account (or better said, put to use in Fanduel again). In the past week I received an $177 bill from Comcast, $50 from the water department, $65 from gas company, and $594 for car insurance. So as you can see, the 500 dollars isn’t even touching my normal expenses so how could I get excited over winning it? It hits my bank account and I’m glad I have it, but it doesn’t change anything.

In college I always had about 1,000 bucks in my bank account from working over the summer and this seemed like a huge sum of money compared to my friends. Notice if I won the 500 dollars in college I would have been going nuts. Once I started working for the family business, I really started earning some cash and had little to no expenses. I lived at home for 2 years, drove my mom’s car around, and didn’t even pay for utilities. My only expenses were gambling losses with CK4 in AC. After 2 years of sweet living, I moved out and leased a car which brought about rent, insurance, and car payments. I had plenty of disposable income at this point in my life and invested far too much in relation to my money in the stock market thinking nothing could go wrong. At approximately the time I invested, early 08′, things went wrong. I irrationally sold some of the positions which proved moronic but when you are living in a time period where the financial sector is literally disappearing, it didn’t seem so irrational. This both ended and started a new life for me.

Over the next years I was still making a comfortable salary but expenses caught up with me. For the past 5 years I haven’t saved a single cent. I spend what I earn and that’s not even saying I’m a wild man, I just haven’t made more money in relation to my expenses. Sure I could do better saving, but I work to live and not live to work. If you read the blog, you’d know I purchased a home which was a wise decision in terms of building equity and hoping that home values stay put but with my luck, I tend to buy at the top. Either way, I’m bombarded with home expenses which I know will never go away and all other riff raff that comes along with purchasing. I’m not crying, I’m just informing any younger person that the older you get, the more shit comes your way. What used to be 50 dollars, now feels like 500 dollars.

The amazing thing is that I’m a Finance major. I’m the one who is supposed to be good at this stuff. How are other people supposed to handle expenses without the basic concepts of math and debt? It’s no surprise that the top 1% (the smartest people) control the majority of the money as the rest of the population suffers. Money is the root of all evil but try living without it.