Man falls in Schuykill at bar in Manayunk

Laura clued me in to this this news story about a man falling off of the deck at the bar into the Schuylkill river. This article says the Brew Pub but I’m pretty sure it’s closed for the time being due to the flooding. Laura must have heard the report because she said it happened at Mad River which I suspect is true. The article is good but the comments are better. The one guy wrote “maybe he was trying to get out from paying his tab” which I thought was witty. The other has “maybe he wanted more Schuylkill River Punch” which is a custom brew at the Brew Pub. I also like the one about “this guy will be in Sea Isle for the weekend like all the other losers who go to the Jersey Shore (this weekend)”. Laura texted me about this asking me if I was the person who fell in the river. Alas, it was not. This is probably pretty scary though because it’s dark as hell, that part of the Schuylkill leads into more Schuylkill which would make things extremely difficult. It says this guy held onto some kayak rack or something but I can’t imagine this being a fun scene. I figured I’d make this post to make everyone aware it isn’t me. I also think the word schuylkill is impossible to spell and is such a weird word to say.