Life Perspective at 30

keep-calm-life-begins-at-30-6After reading Sam’s latest weekend post I thought to myself how similar this was to my early 20’s. Drinking, going out, passing out, waking up, repeat. This is typical and what you should be doing. Have as much fun as possible with as few responsibilities because it won’t last.

My weekend consisted of watching the Eagles preseason game with a buddy, leaving at halftime, watching Hard Knocks on HBO and going to sleep. Waking up at 7:30, getting breakfast, participating in a drinking kickball tournament, hanging out a bit and falling asleep at 7:30 pm. I woke up the next day feeling refreshed and went for a run, played some basketball, and finished the day reading the Goldfinch. This was much more laid back than years previous and I actually enjoyed it more.

HangoversThe last sentence is where I’ll shed some insight. I’ve done the going out scene since I was 21. That’s 9 years of pre-gaming to hit up bars drunk. I do enjoy it but I’ve seen everything bars have to offer. Combine this with the horrible feeling of exacerbating hangovers that I wasn’t accustomed to in my early 20’s and this combination is tired to me. Hangovers now actually prevent me from enjoying activities the next day and even subsequent days. Times are changing.

What has happened to me is that I’m working more than ever. I look back at how much I knew at 21, when I first started, and what I know now and I wasn’t ready to make anything happen at work. To those who don’t know me that well, I’m not a 9-5 guy with a salary, I work for a family business where you take out how much you put in. Over the years of learning how to deal with other people and how to target markets with our products, I’m leaps and bounds ahead of younger me . Everyday is important and I can’t be held back by feeling like shit for 2 days because I was out late partying (although I still do to a certain extent).

hook-1991-01-gThis is probably described as maturity but a dramatic life perspective also comes with age.   When Robin Williams died yesterday it wasn’t Robin Williams dying for me. The headline could have read “famous comedian” died. There are 7+ billion people on this planet and he is only one. I’d be shocked if more than half a billion people were affected by his death. People act like they have no idea how they are going to get on without Robin Williams in the world.  Trust me, you will.

A final understanding I’ve picked up is that everyone cares about them self first and foremost. That’s not saying people aren’t good but this rule gives insight into every action made by someone.  99% of people think this way. Too many days are spent worrying about what other people think and allowing this to affect your life.  The reality of the situation is that you’ll die one day just like everyone else and who knows when it’s coming.  Ask Kevin Ward.  This is life. Live it anyway that you want but know that time keeps passing and it’s the most precious gift on this earth. Wasting it is the biggest travesty.